Not to be confused with Zombies.

Zombie Survival is a special disaster introduced in Survive The Disasters 4.


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The scenery inside the Zombie Survival.

This disaster is only played on the ZS Park map. In this mode, people work together as a team to defeat waves of zombies. In each wave there is a set amount of zombies to defeat within a time limit of 180 seconds (three minutes). If all of the zombies are defeated before the time runs out, everyone (including those that died in the wave) gain Coins depending on the wave before advancing to the next wave. Each wave increases the number of zombies needed to advance. If there are still zombies alive when the timer runs out, or if everyone dies, players will still receive Coins and the Bloxxer Achievement, but the disaster will end and the map vote screen will come up.

There is a total of twenty waves. Players that beat waves ten and twenty will receive Badges, but they have to be in the game before the first wave; joining in the middle of the game will not count, but dying still allows players to get the badges.

There are seven different kinds of zombies that appear in the disaster, and new start to appear as more waves are cleared. Each kind has different stats/abilities that make the disaster more challenging as new types appear. As the number of zombies required to defeat to complete the wave increases, they begin to spawn more frequently, causing later waves to fill the map with zombies. It is not clear if there is a limit on how many zombies can appear at the map at once.

Zombie Information

Zombie Health Damage Description
100 20 melee Walkers are the most common and least threatening zombie. They are very common in the early waves, but in later waves they become less common as they are replaced by different, more powerful zombies, before disappearing entirely. This zombie moves slower than the player and are quite easy to defeat. It can still get in the way as it lags behind most other zombies. It is best to kill these last, or form them into groups to easily kill them all at once with explosives.
75 20 melee As its name suggests, it is a faster version of the Walker zombie, but with less health. This makes it quite easy to combo them with chain explosions with the Death Bomb Orb by making them group together, and it is quite easy because they outrun every other zombie. Though they are weak, they still do some damage and can quickly catch someone by surprise because of how fast they are. It is best to get rid of these quickly.
Military Zombie
Military Zombie
150 (50% damage resistance) 30 melee This type of zombie has more health and takes less damage, so they essentially have double the health compared to the Walker zombie, but they still gain the same amount from healing. This makes it hard to defeat when there are Tumors around to heal it. They are also faster than Walkers as well, making them more of a upgrade, and they soon replace Walkers altogether in the later waves.
250 20 melee, 20-80 explosive Depending on the situation, Boomers can be the easiest or most deadly zombie. They ignite when they are close to a player or have taken enough damage. After around six seconds of being ignited, they will explode and do damage to any players around them, while other zombies are left unharmed. If they explode without taking any damage, it will still count as a kill. Because of this, it can be the easiest zombie to take care of.
1000 100 melee, 60 shock wave. This zombie is the biggest of them all, and it is quite scary due to the fact that touching it will instantly kill you. They have the ability to cause a shock wave in front of them by smashing the ground. This will hurt players caught in the shock wave, but leaves zombies unharmed, in a similar fashion to a Boomer's explosive attack. With a tremendous amount of health, this zombie can be hard to take down, but because of how big it is, it is easy to hit. This zombie is considered to be a boss, meaning it takes more damage from the Boss Hunter orb; however, it can't be instantly killed with the Doom's Touch or affected by Frostbite.
350, healing 20 melee These zombies are likely the most annoying and deadly to deal with late game, even though they are not likely to kill a player directly. While they are not that threatening by themselves, they have the ability to dance and heal themselves and other zombies around them, quickly getting rid of any damage dealt to them. Because of this, it is best to kill these zombies first before any other zombie, as many of these can effectively heal massive groups of zombies and make it hard or even impossible to kill the zombies. They also are considered to be bosses, taking more damage from the Boss Hunter Orb, but being unaffected by the Doom's Touch and Frozen Orbs.
200 20 melee, 18 gas Smokers are similar to Walkers; however, they have double the health, and when they die, they create a large cloud of green gas around them that damages players when they are caught in the cloud. Not only that, but the gas also tends to eat most projectiles that enters it, making the Smoker a sort of defensive zombie, protecting zombies from most projectiles while inside Using melee weapons is a bad idea because of the damage players can take while in the gas. It is best to kill these quickly and to keep them away from other groups of zombies.

Wave Information

Wave Zombies Coins Notes
1 15 20 Only Walkers appear in this wave.
2 20 40 Runners first appear here.
3 20 60 Military Zombies first appear here.
4 25 80 Boomers first appear here.
5 30 100 Giants first appear here.
6 43 120 Tumors first appear here.
7 52 140
8 60 160 Smokers first appear here.
9 70 180
10 80 200 Beat this wave to earn the Survivor of the Apocalypse badge.
11 80 220
12 90 240
13 100 260
14 110 280
15 125 300 Walkers no longer appear.
16 140 320
17 155 340
18 170 360
19 185 380
20 200 400 Beat this wave to earn the King of the Apocalypse badge.


  • Sometimes zombies can get stuck underneath the ground, making the wave impossible to beat unless players kill it using projectiles that can go though objects.
  • Before the patch, you could reach wave ten or twenty and still get the badge even if you failed. This has been fixed.
  • The giant zombies' shock wave attack's hitbox is somewhat glitchy, making it rarely able to damage players, even if they are standing in the middle of it.
  • The Zombie Survival reopened in middle of June. On June 21, it seperated become Normal and Zombie Mode respectively. This mode can't get badges once it reopened.
  • Zombie Survival is one of the best way to get lot of experience by hunting enemies.
  • The further the wave goes the darker the background gets.
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