This page details the version history of Survive The Disasters 2, with extra information about the Final Demo.

(Please note, this is an INCOMPLETE version history. Any help with versions v 1.10 and v 1.11 would be appreciated).

* Dates are formatted as MM/DD/YYYY

Survive The Disasters 2 (Complete version)

v 1.37 - 12/21/2018


  • New Orbs: Lovestrike and Mutual-Support
  • New Badges: An Unfriendly Welcome, Witch Hunter, Death's Bed, Token Hunter and Token Maniac
  • New tips added
  • You are now able to sell multiple orbs at once at Orb Exchange
  • Any local damage that you take, or have caused, or heal others or yourself, the numbers on damage indicator will appear bigger to differentiate from other player's damage or heals
  • Random Gear: You can buy a random gear for 2,000 coins in the shop regardless of its rank
  • Updated title screen with new button art
  • Implemented option to disable spawning with VIP gear and option to hide your Skill Rank
  • Added server clock. You can see how old the server is by checking Settings
  • New shop Npcs added
  • When there are no survivors left when fighting Giant/King Noob, it will start doing its victory dab animation
  • Changing music volume in Settings while the song intro playing will no longer have the song loop overlap it
  • Changing music volume in Settings will no longer replay the song from the beginning of loop
  • Fog is no longer absent when playing with low graphics
  • The green fish in Atlantis is no longer radioactive
  • Added bounds to areas you aren't supposed to stand on in Panic Pyramid
  • Hyper Reaper's homing spikey missile attacks not killing fixed
  • Fixed Ninjas' attack sometime not registering any damage
  • Pacman flying up when map parts with weld surfaces are touching him fixed
  • Hugging the pillars on Hammer Eggman when arrows hit you and not taking any damage is fixed
  • Slime Gun's projectile not going through user's accessories is fixed
  • Enemies with ForceField being affected by Frostbite and Venom Shank is fixed
  • Fixed Healing Staff not healing players when the strike hits their accessory or gear
  • Fixed Lightning Staff + GM Sword's lightning strike not attacking enemies when the strike hits their accessory or gear
  • Unequipping a throwing-star gear right after throwing a projectile not dealing any damage fixed
  • Mobile: Not being able to move the camera with hold-touch while wielding any throwing-star gear is fixed
  • Resetting in Token Hunt no longer can have falling body parts collect tokens
  • Wearing large hats or using swords no longer extends your hurtbox
  • Players no longer get damage spammed from 1-hit KO move after death
  • Improvement to anti-cheat detection
  • Fog combination in Multi-Disasters has been updated, now disasters with no fog will weaken the fog
  • Click hint images on shop has been redesigned to have a unique indicator
  • Pacman Ghosts rescripted to move with CFrame method instead of using body movers.
  • Adjusted some disaster multi-combos due to difficulty, unfairness and unfitting combos
  • Skill Rating adjustments (Silver 40, Gold 100, Platinum 300, Diamond 900, Master 2300)
  • Bonus Rounds now only occur after a fixed amount of rounds (28) instead of being chosen randomly
  • Supporter bonus buffed by 50%
  • Token-to-Coins amount in Token Hunt has been buffed. (5, 10, 25) -> (8, 16, 32)
  • Hoops-to-Coins amount in Falling Hoops has been buffed. (10, 25, 50) -> (16,32,64)
  • Frostbite Orb chance increased from 1/5 to 1/4
  • Regen Coil heal rate nerfed from 1 second to 1.2 second
  • Extra Bandages upgrade nerfed (8, 16, 24, 32, 40) -> (5,10, 15, 20, 25)
  • Ring Balloon's health nerfed from 20,000 to 10,000. Bloxxer award remains the same
  • Pizza Dude's fire rate nerfed from 1 second to 1.2 second
  • Thunderstorm now randomly selective attacks player on the 6th strike than the 4th while also waiting 2.5 extra seconds before the first strike hits
  • Yojimbo's dash attack lowered from 100 dmg to 80 dmg
  • Ego Expander growth on Pizza Dude is significantly lowered.
  • Removed Notifier toggle option

v 1.36 - 8/1/2018


  • Fixed a bug where Death Bomb's chance could be rolled twice when bloxxing an enemy using Doom's Touch.
  • Fixed a bug where Venom-Shank effect can be stacked, causing the enemy to be permanently green.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank's poison chance from 1/10 to 1/4.
  • Buffed Venom-Shank damage by a bit.
  • Venom-Shank now hits twice as fast.
  • A "Poisoned!" status now display on enemies when they are affected by Venom-Shank.
  • New "Time Ban" system for cheaters.
  • Resetting or dying in Bonus Rounds no longer opts you out of round, making you capable of still bloxxing enemies and not having a red portrait.
  • Survivals and Total Rounds played are not added in Bonus rounds.
  • Hyper Coil Noobs spawning normal Coil Noobs fixed.
  • Bonus Rounds no longer occur in Mystery Disaster.
  • Icicles, Fire Breath and Hyper Black Mage buffed.
  • Orb balances (Frostbite,Death Bomb, Ego Expander, Cloak, Metabolism).
  • New "Supporter" bonus for healing allies.
  • Intermission time shortened to 60 seconds from previous 75.
  • Redcliff Warriors and Overseer Soldiers attacking even whey they died fixed.
  • Fixed Ringsplosion Orbs making very loud ring loss sound effect.
  • Ranged weapons damage nerfs:
  • For Version 1.365, click here.

v 1.35 - 7/22/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Cake being able to damage you when its health is 0 fixed.
  • Murderers being able to throw knives after being bloxxed fixed.
  • Other humanoid disasters being able to damage you after being bloxxed fixed.
  • Icicles not spawning sometimes fixed.
  • Forgotten Hyper Redcliff Warriors added in index.
  • Fixed when gear images in shop go crazy when navigating too fast.
  • Few Orb upgrade balances (Quick Dash, Flame Tongue, Critical Aim and Bosshunter).
  • Swords no longer have weight as Arthur's Sword upgrade affects character physics.
  • Explosions will now do 100 damage when you're in its range (This is added in hopes that 'ghosting' glitch will occur less).
  • Murderers now spawn 4 murderers instead of 3.
  • Murderers health increased from 400 to 600.
  • Sighters damage buffed from 16 to 18.
  • Hyper Press the Button kill area spawn time increased from 3 seconds to 4.

v 1.34 - 7/2/2018


  • Its own badge was also added, like other skill ranks.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Crimson map theme for Moonbase and Spooksville have been moved to Hardcore, which means they will now not appear in normal game.
  • Changes to some disasters.
  • Slight adjustments with skill rating threshold (Silver: 45, Gold: 130, Platinum: 330, Diamond: 930, Master: 2330).
  • Streaks will no longer be added or deducted on Bonus Rounds.
  • Molten Metal was updated.
  • Guest Ambush and Tornado were updated.
  • Buffed lower tier weapon DPS.
  • Slight buff on Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil.
  • Set AmbientReverb back to NoReverb, to remove unnecessary echo with game audio.

v 1.33 - 6/18/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Some AI disasters now jump if there is something blocking them
  • Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil now has an Anti-Gravity strength bar. Jumping too many times will lower the strength of the coil. Not using coil or not jumping too much will replenish the power
  • Hyper Disaster coins are now multiplied by 1.5 by normal disaster coins, while Impossible Disaster multiplied by 2.
  • Gamepasses are no longer give you same gear multiple times.
  • Fixed graphical bug where some text labels won't show.

v 1.32 - 6/11/2018


  • New Hyper DisastersAlien InvasionPolyhex and Soccer Balls.
  • Server now announces some general tips and when player obtains an Epic or a higher tier orb.
  • The buttons on "Achievements & Stats" menu now function, showing all badges you've collected or haven't collected.

Changes, Fixes, Buffs, Nerfs and Removals:

  • Fog fading is now client-sided
  • Coin purchase limit will be increased to 25.
  • Hit detection in Alien Invasion will be improved. 
  • An unnecessary particle when taking damage from aliens will be removed (for low health). 
  • Nerfed Hyper Press The Button.
  • Fixed bug where players can buy the same gear multiple times
  • Giant Zombie's walkspeed and goo buffed.
  • Excessive particles are reduced on electrical wires in Frenzy Factory
  • There is a chance an explosion will delete parts.
  • Fixed Zerg Lurker for not attacking grounded players when nearest target is away from its vertical.
  • Other fixes to prevent shop NPC's from being bloxxed.

v 1.31 - 4/10/2018


Changes and Fixes:

  • Stonetroid can now lose health.
  • Mr. Happy was updated.
  • Orb Gachapon spin price reduced to 500.
  • Gachapon orbs chances changed.

v 1.30 - 2/12/2018


  • New game mode: Pacifist (for C rank players only)
  • Global Leaderboard for Highest Streak in Pacifist mode.
  • New badges: Skill ranks and survival streak for Pacifist.
  • Added more information in Achievement & Stats (Pacifist and Hardcore survivals, Highest Streak and Rounds played, including skill rating)
  • Fusion Coil now S-rank gear replaced with Game Master's Coil. No changes for the gamepass.

Changes, Fixes and Buffs:

  • Memos displayed in alphabetical order. Including the memos that is not collected.
  • Memos descriptions changes.
  • Fixed and Nerfed disasters: Flash Flood, Thunderstorm, Mr. Happy and Raining Tacos.
  • Fixed shop GUIs moving to odd position.
  • Removed cool-down opening Global Leaderboard, as usernames load faster.
  • Auto Heal upgrade increased to 1.5 seconds
  • Ring Balloon fixed.
  • Skill ranks requirements changes.
  • Disaster award balances.
  • Removed forgotten leaderboard timer for Pacifist mode.

v 1.29 - 2/6/2018


  • Returning UI Scale option.
  • Skill ranks added to your performance.
  • 2 new songs added to Moonbase (Morning themed)

Changes and fixes:

v 1.28 - 1/26/2018


  • Common orb added (Damage Boost).
  • Neon Laser Gun added to the shop.
  • New songs added to Galantasy (Pink & Purple themed) and Dandy Desert (Daytime).
  • Delay added between removing orb upgrade and pressing Yes to prevent players deleting their upgrade.

Fixes, Changes, Buffs and Nerfs:

  • Changes background maps: Castle Gardens provide new features, while Plastic Palace and Dandy Desert provide shelters and new features.
  • Critical Aim buffed and Damage Boost nerfed. Headshots awarded more than bodyshots.
  • Take Aim and Enemy Experience badges updated to make easier to obtain.
  • Epic Katana's dash walkspeed and Quick Dash upgrade nerfed.
  • Epic Sauce's duration increased to 6 seconds, while reload time increased to 12 seconds.
  • Shadow Ninja Stars and Golden Ninja Stars cost reduced.

v 1.27 - 1/22/2018


Changes and Fixes:

v 1.26 - 1/16/2018


Changes and fixes:

v 1.25 - 12/20/2017


Changes and Fixes:

  • GUI map changes changed
  • Some disasters changes and polish
  • Conveyor belts animation added in Machine Madness.
  • Some disasters including gears have christmas themed.
  • New platforms added in Atlantis.
  • Christmas themed map: Green Hill Zone and City Park.
  • Intermission time increased to 75 seconds.
  • Changes gear cost in the shop.

v 1.24 - 11/01/2017



  • First Aid Kit aim fixed
  • "GO" Sign in Token Hunt fixed finally
  • Fixed neon bricks being impossible to see in fog
  • Giant Zombie is now a boss
  • Hyper Illumina now has bloxxer points
  • Big Head Orb renamed to Ego Expander
  • Ego Expander is now less extreme on some enemies
  • Mist particles improved in Spooksville


v 1.23 - 10/06/2017

v 1.22 - 9/12/2017

v 1.21 - 6/13/2017

v 1.20 - 4/2/2017

  • Game Master Coil and Game Master Stars have been added to shop
  • "Frenzy Factory" is now an official map (others still need to be optimized)
  • Shop items prices reduced
  • EXP requirements greatly reduced
  • "Ego Expander 2400" orb is now an official orb, renamed to "Big Head"
  • Gachapon spin price reduced from 1500 to 1000 coins
  • Save data returned

v 1.19 - 3/18/2017

  • Spiked Walls no longer push debris into the center
  • Spiked Walls now have correct hitboxes
  • Streak rewards increased:
    • 150x: 10,000 > 15,000 Coins
    • 200x: 10,000 > 20,000 Coins
    • 250x: 10,000 > 25,000 Coins

v 1.18 - 3/10/2017

Both Fire Breath nerfs apply to the Hyper version.

v 1.17 - 3/8/2017

v 1.16 - 3/5/2017

  • Shop item prices greatly reduced
  • EXP requirements reduced

v 1.15 - 2/12/2017

  • New Disaster: Stonetroid
  • Exp curve reduced by 20%
  • Shop item prices reduced
  • You now spawn with gamepass items
  • Rank requirements reverted
  • Game Master's Sword and Epic Katana dash speed buffed

v 1.14 - 2/9/2017

v 1.13 - 2/7/2017

  • 9 extra levels for S-Rank added (S.II, S.III, S.IV etc)
  • Rank requirements for all gear removed
  • Super VIP now discounts 50% instead of 30%
  • Game Master's Sword pass now discounts 70% instead of 50%
  • "ASTERIA - Welcome to ChewChew Island" song added to Candy Cloud
  • Fixed leaderboard toggle

v 1.12 - 2/6/2017

v. 1.0.9 - 1/5/2017

  • Auto-save fixed
  • "Ghost orb" from rolling Gachapon fixed
  • Hyper Bullet Bill (Now replaced by Missile Strike) added
  • Bullet Bill memo added
  • Buffed Hyper Reaper
  • Buffed Sighters and Hyper Sighters
  • Microtransactions enabled
  • Upgrades nerfed. Upgrades may need more nerfing.

v. 1.0.8 - 1/4/2017 (no changelogs on this version)

v. 1.0.5 - 1/3/2017

  • Fusion Coil is now upgradable with ONLY Speedy Coil and Anti-Gravity
  • Global Leaderboard disabled for now
  • Player Points added!

v. 1.0.0 - 12/30/2016

  • Game Released!

Survive The Disasters 2 (Final Demo)

[ 12/22/16 ]

  • Plane Crash replaced with Bullet Bill
  • Fixed Acid Rain
  • Fixed Robbed award when losing
  • Fixed music silence when Last One Standing or Cruel Defeat occurs
  • Reaper Balrog's projectile now uses CFrame method, instead of laggy body movers that results in unfair deaths
  • Shuriken gears should hit targets more consistently

[ 12/15/16 ]

  • Data reset! :(
  • Hyper Terran Ghost, Ghosts, and Flash Flood
  • Enemies reward more coins
  • Gear cost increased
  • Applying upgrades increase gear cost
  • VIP now discounts 25%, Super VIP; 50%, GM Sword; 25%
  • Meteor Disaster fix
  • Brand new EXP system for ranking up
  • Critical Aim upgrade implemented
  • Dark Touch and Invinicibility upgrades removed
  • Black Ninja Stars finally loads upgrades, instead of Electric Ninja Stars!
  • Deleting upgrade slots
  • Exchange system for trading orbs for higher tier

[ 9/17/16 ]

  • HOME SWEET HOME map added
  • CHRISTMAS map replaced with new WINTERVILLE map

[ 6/9/2016 ]

  • Change: You can only have S-Rank when you have over 1K survivals
  • Your rank depends on your Survival Rate, while having more survivals boosts your score.

[ 6/7/2016 ]

  • Stat reset. Expect more...
  • Rank is now based on your Survival Rate and Total Survivals (Your rank now determines your skill!)

[ 4/11/2016 ]

  • Under the mute button displays current song playing
  • Removed damaged health on respawn
  • Changes to Test Map music

[ 4/2/2016 ] Play this version

  • It's Back!

[ 3/23/2016 ]

  • Random updates on random stuff

[ 3/20/2016 ]

  • Pizza gear
  • Moonbase map from Disasters 2 (Two new themes)
  • Gaster Blasters updated
  • A new Triple Threat combo along with 4 new Double Trouble (See Danger Modes) combos
  • New theme for Checkers map
  • Mute button fixed
  • Disasters no longer repeat in a map
  • Forest map updated a bit

[ 3/17/2016 ]

  • Respawning will leave you with 50 health
  • Other disaster buffs and nerfs
  • Damage applied by being close to explosions (Fire Breath and Time Bombs)
  • Gears and price balance and tweaks (Food gears properly heal now)

(Healing and taking damage will be more crucial in this game)

[ 3/14/2016 ]

  • 'Zombies' buffed
  • 'Alien Invasion' updated
  • New custom leaderboard (WIP)

[ 3/7/2016 ]

  • Made corrupter less noisy (corrupter disabled for now)
  • Acid Rain updated

[ 8/12/2015 ]

  • Multiplier resetting fixed in Minigames (new servers)
  • Minigames are now a chosen chance along with other danger modes, so gameplay does not get repetitive

[ 7/30/2015 ]

  • More theme songs for Triple Threat and Double Trouble
  • More Triple Threat and Double Trouble combos

[ 7/14/2015 ]

  • Fixed Acid Rain
  • Patched 'Invincible' wall for Barrier Eggman
  • Acid Rain cover reliability in Galaxy and Green Hill Zone map
  • New theme for Galaxy map!
  • Galaxy map updated
  • Ninja Stars no longer triggers Illumina
  • NEW Minigame! Tix Defense!
  • All VIP items are now discounted by 50%, instead of 30%
  • Super VIP now discounts Epic Katana
  • Silver Ninja Star now discounts Ninja Stars
  • Ninja Stars buffed

[ 7/10/2015 ]

  • Token Hunt B is less hazardous
  • Updated Moonbase map
  • Ninja Stars buffed
  • Hyper Barrier Eggman and Hyper Bombers give correct amount of coins

[ 7/8/2015 ]

  • Fixed disconnecting issues with Hammer Eggman and Barrier Eggman
  • There are now semi-final rounds. Semi-final rounds will either choose Triple Threat, Double Trouble, Mystery Disaster or Hyper Disaster. Final rounds will always be minigames!

[ 7/3/2015 ]

  • Minigame Mode
  • Minigame: Token Hunt A & B
  • New damage mechanic! You will not be damaged multiple times when touching a hitbox/projectile. Damage cooldown is a second. (i.e Hammer Eggman's Arrow, Spikes in Token Hunts)
  • Improved 'cover' mechanic for Acid Rain. (only Atlantis map you can be safe from Acid Rain, so far) More survival reliability.
  • Green Hill Zone map from Disasters One (later will be revamped), Green Grove map removed
  • Raining Tacos, Shoop Da Whoop, Time Bombs, Bomber, Shurikens as new disasters!
  • Double Trouble mode.

[ 5/6/2015 ]

  • Hyper Disaster: 'Missile Launcher'
  • Hyper Disaster: 'Barrier Eggman' nerfed

[ 4/30/2015 ]

  • Final Multiplier bonus
  • New combo for 'Tetris'

[ 4/24/2015 ]

  • New Tripe Threat: Missile Launcher, Meteors, and Dynamites
  • New Map: Moonbase
  • Fire Breath's missile explosion radius is now 4 studs instead of 5. Gives 37 coins instead of 32.
  • Hyper Fire Breath shoots 6 missiles instead of 7. Fire rate lowered.
  • Side achievements that give you extra coins (Last One Standing, Teamwork Triumph, The Fool, Cruel Defeat)
  • New Disaster: X-Bomb (Smash 4/Kid Icarus)
  • New Disaster: Ghosts (Pacman)
  • New Disaster: Fire Breath (Knuckle's Angel Island Act 1 Boss)
  • New Mode: Hyper Disaster
  • New Gear: Ninja Star

[ 4/15/2015 ]

  • All prices have been lowered, and RANK / upgrade powerups have been nerfed.
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