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Christmas Epic Duck

Version 1.415 is an update for Survive the Disasters 2. Released on 12/20/2019.

Temporary Holiday Additions

  • 2× coins for every coin payout/gained.
  • Raining presents that give 200 coins when picked up.
  • Decorated disasters and map themes.
  • Xmas themed Green Hill Zone.

What's New

What's Changed

  • In-game server chat no longer announces if and when a player obtains an Epic tier Orb from the Orb Gachapon.
  • Explosion visual simplified.
  • X-Bomb's union part has been changed to mesh part in hopes of loading the model up quicker.
  • Hyper Aliens' laser beams no longer destroy parts but laser beam damage has been raised from 16 to 18. Aliens now jump more frequently as well.
  • Sandstorm duration reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Sandstorm damage output reworked to be more consistent. Player count no longer affect chances to be hit, and Sandstorm mechanics optimized to be less performance-heavy on server/local side.
    Holiday Hot Potato
  • Impossible UFO attack pattern modified to work similarly to its Regular/Hyper version
  • Hyper Mine Spawn now auto-detonates, with slight nerf to its explosion radius.
  • Candy Cloud updated.
  • Clouds in Candy Cloud now blocks shurikens and raining parts from Rain-type disasters, while still remaining uncollidable.
  • Reaper, Black Mage and Yojimbo can now pair with themselves in Multi-disasters. This also means Reaper and Black Mage can pair with one another.
  • Reaper, Mr. Happy and Black Mage continue to attack randomly, even if there are no survivors left.

What's Nerfed

What's Buffed

What's Removed

What's Fixed

  • Players are now automatically (re-)awarded already-achieved survival badges if they don't already have them, or deleted them.
  • UFO no longer goes through cover walls.
  • Optimized code for Crossbow and Neon Laser Gun to shoot at its intended fire rate.
  • Fixed Neon Laser Gun and Crossbow not affecting Mr. Happy.
  • Corrected Neon Laser Gun's and Crossbow's thumbnails.
  • Fixed an area where you couldn't throw projectiles correctly in Winterville, and has minor changes. (sic)
  • Skeletons in Panic Pyramid no longer stand up when outside their tombs.
  • Icicles can no longer turn acid parts into ice, while acid no longer makes ice parts hurt.
    Holiday Zombie-0
  • Hyper Black Mage's fog no longer lingers after being blinded before the round ends.
  • Bloxxing Undyne properly ends the round.
  • Updated Murderers in hopes to prevent knives going through walls.
  • Fixed Hot Potato being stuck on terrain in Spooksville.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions of discounts in the Gear Shop if you owned the VIP/Super VIP Gamepass.
  • Fixed throwing-star projectiles phasing through Cake and Hot Potato when not attacking the head. You should have gone for the head.
  • Crazy Robloxian not rotating when chasing survivors is fixed.


  • Added a fake top bar
  • Mystery disaster FogEnd increased because of recent roblox changes made the fog to be more dense
  • Anti freeze script time threshold for you to be kicked has been increased slightly to prevent people with lower end machines to be kicked unfairly less
  • Hardcore servers no longer reserve 5 player slots (13/18) and now reserves 3 player slots just like it does for standard, for you to get into fuller servers more often instead of starting a new one
  • Yojimbo/Masamune properly stops attacking after being bloxxed
  • Killbot bullets material now gets changed to plastic in high density fogs (mystery disaster).
  • Rising Acid no longer melt body parts and damage you if you are in or below the acid and rising speed for lava has been buffed as well.
  • Impossible Rising Acid rises up 2 studs higher.
  • Standard Yojimbo has been buffed. His wave attack hit detection is now position based (for both standard and hyper). Also treats the hurt area as a cylinder and not a square.
  • Get Down has been resized (812 -> 600) so it goes away faster, slightly repositioned backwards (-20, not substantially enough to notice the timing difference but just putting it out there).
  • Delay rising time for Rising Lava added (2.5 seconds)
  • Delay rising time for Rising Acid added (1.5 seconds)
  • V42 Zombies have been added to fix certain bugs (dead players still being able to be zombiefied, zombified players spawning at wrong places, Tank upgrade being able to be used against hyper zombies).
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