Version 1.38 is an update for Survive The Disasters 2. Released on 2/11/2019.



  • New Disaster: UFO
  • New Hyper Disasters: Tornado, UFO, Thunderstorm, Thieves.
  • New Impossible Disasters: Noobs, Pizza Dude, Ninjas.
  • Expansion Map: Acid Depths.
  • New inside building in City Park.
  • Hyper Disaster memo tab (unobtainable yet).
  • New look for start menu (including the mini tutorial for the first time).
  • Extra disaster tips for new players.
  • The Best Skill Rating added in your stats.
  • Assist drops (First Aid Kit) display the miniture picture of player who dropped item.
  • Added "Frozen!" status for freezing players.
  • New server tips added.
  • Battle Sword given during Tix Defense.
  • Information on damage and rate added for swords.
  • Added trails for Silver and Black stars.
  • The S-Rank raised to 200.

Fixes, Updates and Changes

  • Buying gamepasses that give your gear are unobtainable.
  • Silver Ninja Stars available for non-gamepass player.
  • Badges not showing as earned in Achievements & Stats.
  • Bonus Rounds in memos are not counted as collected.
  • "Poisoned" status textured not displayed correctly
  • Slime Gun no longer randomly has triple Legendary orb particles.
  • Epic Sauce now correctly plays the drinking animation at the right time when Refiller is applied.
  • Players no longer die while map changes to prevent losing rings.
  • Visual bugs with Mr. Happy.
  • Epic Katana being able to activated by a dead player.
  • Thunderstorm, Bombers and Icicles on Winterville.
  • Winterville visual errors.
  • Frenzy Factory being laggy.
  • Blocked some areas in Sky Ruins and City Park that you aren't supposed to stand on.
  • Camera being phaseable through the floor in Spooksville.
  • Spawn misplacement in Molten Metal.
  • Explosion of Death Bomb no longer destroy parts of map.
  • Player no longer heal yourself with Mutual-Support in First Aid Kit.
  • Hyper/Normal Crimson Balrog, Rising Lava, Rising Acid, Alien Invasion, Icicles and Hyper Get Down
  • Memo descriptions updated wwith more info to disaster.
  • All damage on all swords updated.
  • Damage multiplers on sword attack animations updated to universal.
  • Pacifist mode now unlocked for D rank and above players.
  • Players will respawn after round is over if they flinging out of map bounds.
  • Castle Gardens and Galantasy updated to make all the front map visible to Kamehameha, Pizza Dude and Shoop Da Whoop.
  • Some platforms in Green Hill Zone can breakable if damaged by explosion.
  • Volume getting the Chaos Emerald lowered.
  • Atlantis soundtrack updated.
  • Updated art for Skill Ranks emblems.
  • Minor changes to disaster announcement textures.
  • Doom's Touch applies with 100 health or below but insta-kill chance increased.
  • Reconfigured some gear prices and rank requirements in the store.
  • Increased EmitterSize of Nyan Cat's SFX.
  • Hyper Crimson Balrog no longer attack through cover.
  • Bullet Bill renamed to Missile Strike.
  • Terran Ghost changed to Nuclear Bomb. No longer find and kill the ghost.
  • Pizza's hitbox is updated to be matched with Pizza Dude.
  • Kamehameha's blast hitbox changed to cylinder.
  • Hitbox for the first bottom is changed for Spiked Walls.
  • Other changes for disaster speed, health, and spawn.

Buffs, Nerfs and Removals

  • Silver Ninja Stars DPS buffed.
  • Shurikens have a small chance a star struck on nearby player.
  • Buffed Thunderstorm from 1/4 to 1/3 hit chance.
  • Ring Balloon health increased to 14000.
  • Hyper Explosive Noob increased blast radius to 20
  • Hyper Polyhex buffed.
  • Quick Dash upgrade nerfed.
  • Cloak upgrade nerfed.
  • Electric spheres from Hyper/Normal Crimson Balrog destroy covers, but no longer phases through them.
  • Redcliff Warriors' lava wave attack now slows down and get weaker if hit breakable part, can disappear if hits unbreakable part.
  • Lowered rank requirements for gears.
  • Lowered Ego Expander effect on some bosses.
  • Barrier Eggman removed (so sad).
  • Other various themes removed to minimize copyright content in-game.
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