Update changelog.

Version 1.34 is an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released in July 2, 2018.


Changes and Fixes

  • Crimson map theme for Moonbase and Spooksville have been moved to Hardcore, which means they will now not appear in normal game.
  • Changes to some disasters.
  • Slight adjustments with skill rating threshold (Silver: 45, Gold: 130, Platinum: 330, Diamond: 930, Master: 2330).
  • Streaks will no longer be added or deducted on Bonus Rounds.
  • Molten Metal was updated.
  • Guest Ambush and Tornado were updated.
    • Everytime an guest hits an player, they will speak "Wanna be friends?" (In both male or female voices).
  • Buffed lower tier weapon DPS.
  • Slight buff on Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil.
  • Set AmbientReverb back to NoReverb, to remove unnecessary echo with game audio.
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