Version 1.31 is an update for Survive The Disasters 2. It was released on April 10, 2018.

New Features

  • New Hyper Disasters: Raining Tacos, Slenderman, Missile Launcher, Coil Noobs, Acid Rain and Press The Button.
  • A new achievement called "Close Call". If you die within last 3 seconds of a round, you now receive 50% of the disaster reward, as well as the Bloxxer bonus if you have one.
  • Players can now sell orbs for coins in the Exchange section in the Gachapon menu.
    • Common orbs can be sold for 100 coins.
    • Rare orbs can be sold for 500 coins.
    • Epic orbs can be sold for 2000 coins.
    • Unique orbs can be sold for 6000 coins.
    • Legendary orbs can be sold for 12000 coins.
  • Players now award 10% of the disaster reward and half of your bloxxer award if dead.

Changes and Fixes

  • Stonetroid can now lose health.
  • Mr. Happy was updated.
  • Orb Gachapon spin price changed from 1000 to 500.
  • Gachapon orb chances were changed: 0.75% Legendary, 1.5% Unique, 4.5% Epic, 13.25% Rare, 80% Common.

For Hardcore

  • A new hardcore-exclusive version of Galantasy was added.

Bugs and Glitches

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