Version 1.28 is an update for Survive The Disasters 2, released on January 26, 2018.


  • Common orb added for Damage Boost.
  • The Neon Laser Gun has been added as a new gear (for Rank S4+ players only).
  • New songs have been added to Galantasy (Light) and Dandy Desert (Daytime).
  • A delay was added between removing an orb upgrade and pressing Yes to prevent players from accidentally deleting their upgrade.


  • Giant Zombie fixed sometimes not moving.
  • Mr. Happy breaking from Venom Shank upgrade fixed.
  • Winterville has been fixed.
  • Zerg Lurker is not being able to kill if you standing on it fixed.
  • Crossbow using the wrong upgrade data fixed.
  • The Map Vote UI now scales properly.


  • Some disasters have been balanced.
  • Some memo descriptions have been updated.
  • The maps Castle Gardens, Desert (now called Dandy Desert), and Plastic Palace have been updated.
  • Critical Aim buffed while Damage Boost nerfed. Headshots will now be rewarded more than bodyshots.
  • The Take Aim and Enemy Experience badges have been updated to make them easier to be obtained.


  • The Epic Katana's dash walkspeed and Quick Dash upgrade have been nerfed a little bit.


Undocumented Changes

  • The Ninjas' throwing stars no longer get stuck to the player.


  • The version at the bottom right corner of the title screen still says "v1.27", suggesting that it is Version 1.27 when it is really Version 1.28.
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