"Smells like sushi."

- Justice Unserved badge

Undyne is a boss from Survive The Disasters 2.


"Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard, attacks all survivors! Each spear on contact inflicts 35 damage. She's can be outrun due to her low walkspeed(20), but can easily chase you down with her spears. Spears cannot pierce through cover. If you're close to her, she will do a slashing motion that creates a green wave dealing 60 damage on contact. The green wave however, pierces through parts."

Hyper Memo

"Compared to standard Undyne, she has an extra attack that summon giant spears outside the map. Those do 60 damage. She can also spawn 16 ~ 24 spears instead of the standard 3, targeting the nearest survivor. Those spears are powered to do 60 damage as well. Her walkspeed is 28."

Hyper Undyne

Undyne randomly spawns larger spears from the sides of the map and travel across in a grid pattern. Undyne herself spawns spears faster and can create a green slash that does 60 damage.
Hyper Undyne

Hyper Undyne

Hyper Undyne.

Hyper Undyne (Clip 2)

Hyper Undyne (Clip 2)

Another clip of Hyper Undyne.


  • Each of her spears remain for about 15 seconds after being thrown at the nearest player.
  • If you defeat Undyne, you get the "Justice Unserved" badge. This badge, however, was disabled in Version 1.39.
  • If Undyne is defeated, a death message sometimes appears upon the players screen and always does so in Mystery Disaster. Before the Version 1.25, the message was always summoned.
  • Undyne and Alexnewtron are tied for being the smallest bosses; making them the hardest to hit.
  • Undyne and Polyhex are the only bosses to spawn on Enemy Spawn Points.
  • Undyne is the only boss in which a noise is played upon a player's death. The noise is the sound that plays following a GAME OVER in the game Undertale.
  • Undyne is a direct reference to the famous game Undertale and one of its characters, Undyne.
  • If you touch her spears in the air, you still take damage.
  • Undyne's spears do not phase through walls and instead stop at the place at which they strike.

Death Messages

Message Text
Undyne - Death Message
This isn't the last of me, humans! Your empire will fall.
I have failed ASGORE... I will return for your souls, humans!
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