Token Hunt is a Bonus Round in Survive The Disasters 2. It has 2 variations (A and B). It was added as a prototype in the Beta version, and returned in Version 1.21.


"You are warped to a 2D map! Tokens are scattered across the level. You may need jump and speed boosts to reach higher grounds! Tokens are shared, so this isn't a race."


Players are teleported into a 2D map filled with plates and obstacles, resembling a classic 2D platformer game. The map is full of tokens, and every token gives a certain amount of coins to the player as a reward. When a player collects a token, it is still available to other players to collect (This happens because Token Hunt is supposed to be a bonus round, not a competitive round).


  • "8" Token: A blue token that gives 8 coins each to the player.
  • "16" Token: A yellow token that gives 16 coins each to the player.
  • "32" Token: A red token that gives 32 coins each to the player.


  • Gravity Coil and Fusion Coil's strength bar never decreases during Token Hunt.
  • To get to the group of 25 tokens hiding at the top of the Token Hunt A Map, you need a Gravity or Fusion Coil with a Unique or Legendary Anti-Gravity Orb.
  • There were main differences between the beta version and current version.
    • In the beta, every time a player got a token, it would disappear, which made it a competitive round. It was fixed in later versions.
    • There were spikes and places to fall out of the map in the beta version. This made it possible to lose your tokens.
    • In the beta version, there were two different maps.
    • In Version 1.34, "Token Hunt B" was added as a new variation.
  • This is the first ever Bonus Round to have variations.
  • It is possible to fall out map during Token Hunt B without glitches due to several holes that lead to the void.
  • Tokens used to give less, giving 5, 10, 25 coins respectively rather than 8, 16, 32.
  • Both two maps were updated in Version 1.37.
  • During Token Hunt Rounds, the map teleportation script is disabled after warping into the 2D map. This means if you return to the map by resetting or falling out you can leave the map without getting teleported back to the center. This was discovered with the new Rocket Jump Orbs.


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