Tokens on Token Hunt A.

Tokens are collectables in Survive The Disasters 2. Tokens are very different from Rings. They come in 3 different forms: Blue Tokens Equal 8, Yellow Token Equals 16, and Red Tokens Equals 32.


To obtain a Token, when a Bonus is called, it has to announce Token Hunt, which players will be put in a 2D map with tokens scattered around floating in the map.

Tokens are also found on the Test Map on Survive The Disasters 4, but only hold 1 of each tokens, which equals to 40 Coins/EXP.


  • In the v1.37, Tokens and Hoops has more rewarding. This was announced on the STD2 Twitter.
  • Instead of running through the token, it can be picked up with clothing (Such as wings or tails), and gears, such as a melee.

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