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Survive The Disasters 1 (also known simply as Survive The Disasters) is a popular game made by Vyriss. It was published on November 27, 2009. It had become a successful game with over 164 million visits, over 223 thousand likes and over 1.4 million favorites since its release.


Players need to survive in different kinds of Disasters and earn points. They can buy lots of useful gears with their points to increase their chances of surviving.

However, most of these disasters in this game are different from natural disasters, as they are exaggerated and are either extremely uncommon in real life or completely fictional. There are natural disasters, and these can actually injure people.



A disaster being announced in-game.

Minigames are similar to Disasters; however, players cannot participate in them every round. The chances of minigames taking place in the server is much smaller than the regular Disasters. If the player was killed in a minigame, his/her survival streak will still be broken.

There are currently three minigames in the prequel:

  • Battle Blox One: Players will pick up the swords that are scattered on the ground, and fight each other until there is one player left or until the timer runs out.
  • Battle Blox Two: Similar to Battle Blox One, but with rocket launchers instead of swords.
  • Battle Blox Three: Similar to Battle Blox Two, but with paintball guns instead of rocket launchers.


  • This game was renamed several times until its final title, most of these names were based of the amount of disasters present in the game. (Examples: Survive The 91 Disasters)
  • From 10/25/2017 to 10/27/2017, the game was renamed to "Survive Roblox's Gear Glitch". In this update, players weren't able to obtain gear, excluding gear obtained from gamepasses.
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