Stonetroid is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Stonetroid, the rock giant! Stonetroid will attack a random survivor. The further you are away from it, the bigger the explosion gets as it trails off. Its aim is quite slow, you can outrun where it's targeting. Make sure you understand its movement to know where it's going to attack."


Stonetroid is a giant enemy that takes a lot of effort to be killed. It targets a random player before pivoting to face the 'selected' player. Stonetroid swings his sword to the ground, creating a chronological line of explosions in front of it that get bigger with each explosion. Touching the golem's sword will instantly kill you.

As of 3/7/17, Stonetroid was nerfed to make its attack speed slower.


  • Like Overseer Soldiers, Redcliff Warriors, Wolven Footsoldiers and Korblox Mages, Stonetroid is a disaster based on items and packages on ROBLOX.
  • When Stonetroid generates into the level, an empty shield can be seen before the body spawns in.
  • Its full name is Stonetroid Golem, and you can see it if you wander close enough to the stonetroid.
  • Stonetroid is the 3rd enemy with the most health in the game, following Crimson Reaper and Dark Mage .
  • Because of its mechanics, there is no way to survive on land without any Speed Tools equipped.
    • This can be solved by moving to higher non-breakable terrain.
  • Don't touch his sword! It will insta-kill you.
  • Prior to an unknown version, If one were to attack Stonetroid with a weapon that has a Ego Expander orb attached, a black head mesh would appear out of the helmet. This has been patched since unknown version, instead the helmet embiggens.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, it's disaster warning was renamed to "earthquake boi".
  • Stonetroid lasts for 30 seconds, making it very hard to kill.


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