Spooksville is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Spooksville takes place in a flat garden located inside a big forest. There are trees, Pumpkins, and a few notable buildings, including a big mansion at the northern side of the map. This map represents the Halloween theme.

Key Features

  • The classic house is redecorated to be Halloween themed to suit the map.
  • Various trees around the map.
    • Some of the trees are dead.
  • A Church with a bell tower with room for cover, located at west-side hill.
  • Big pine trees surrounding the map.
  • A pumpkin patch, with a scarecrow at the center of it, located next to the south.
  • A storm drain, located at the northwest side of the map.
  • A graveyard located near the northeast side.
  • A Dog/Wolven house near the northsouth of the map.


  • This map is a redesign of the Halloween map, from the prequel.
  • The crimson theme of this map will be moved to Hardcore Mode, and it will be unavailable on the normal game. (The Crimson Theme was removed in Version 1.415 due to the sudden rework that Spooksville received)
  • Spooksville is one of 3 maps that resemble a Holiday the others being Winterville and Candy Cloud.
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