Slime Gun is a gear in Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"Basic gun that squirts slime. Rapid and gets the job done."


Slime Gun appears to be a toy weapon, but it has slime fuel. Each slime bullet does 10 damage to enemies, it has a rapid firing rate and doesn't need to be reloaded, unlike the Rocket Launcher.


  • Damage: 10 per shot (12 damage, 15 damage for bosses)
  • Firerate: 0.25 per second (0.1875 seconds quick reload)
  • Launch Power: Very low (takes 4 sec for the projectile to travel to the end of the map from the house).

"()" in damage shown the rate of max damage that used by Bosshunter and Damage Boost Legendary orb.


  • In-game, it is called Slime Gun, but the original item in ROBLOX catalog is called Deluxe Slime Ray.
  • The Slime Gun has the lowest price of all weapons, so it is popular among starter players.
  • With even the worst boss in-game, this gun can kill Alexnewtron in 200 hits, but this gun does not always hit the boss because he moves rapidly. It also can kill Reaper in 620 (!) hits, it's impossible to kill him when you are solo fighting him.
  • As of Version 1.34, the slime gun was one of the lower tier weapons that has its damage buffed (Increased from 8 to 10).
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