Slenderman is a disaster on Survive The Disasters 2. He also appears in Survive The Disasters 1 as a simple disaster. This disaster was added on Version 1.23.


"Slenderman attacks in darkness! He will teleport nearby a random player and attack everyone he sees. The more closer you are to Slenderman, the more damage he'll inflict. Hiding from him may have him unable to see you, but make sure he doesn't appear behind you..."

Hyper Memo

"Hyper Slenderman teleports more frequently, have a longer attack range, and deal slightly more damage."

Impossible Slenderman

Slenderman's area of effect becomes even larger, and he can deal damage faster.


Slenderman is a white humanoid with a black suit and red tie. This humanoid is extremely aggressive with humans. He has abnormal abilities like teleportation, and can also stretch his limbs and stun his victims easily.

Slenderman is a popular creepypasta. More details here.


  • This is one of the four disasters to use dark fog, the others are Zombies, Guest Ambush and Hyper Black Mage (known as Dark Mage).
    • The fog seems to be the densest out of the four.
  • On the prequel version, Slenderman deals lots of damage, insta killing you in fog.
  • On Survive The Disasters 4, Slenderman got two little changes
    • Everytime it teleports close to a player, an alert sound will play instead of it's teleport sound.
    • Its disaster warning was renamed to "hide and seek boi".
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