Sighters are a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


Sighters will shoot players from the sky, and each laser beam they shoot deals 18 damage. Any breakable parts on contact will disappear. Sighters have perfect aim, So be careful!


4 Sighters will appear on each corner of the map, shooting extremely accurate green lasers towards the closet player. Each laser deals 18 damage. Players should hide under cover or behind a wall where Sighters cannon shoot you at its current angle. Be warned that the lasers can destroy parts if Sighters shoot at it, therefore hiding under destructible parts should be avoided.

Hyper Sighters

Sighters now shoot in-turn which results in a slightly faster fire-rate.


  • Sighters were easier prior to Version 1.14; their aiming skills were not as accurate and could be dodged by constantly moving.
    • However, they were buffed in Version 1.14. They now have flawless aim and will kill you if you don't hide behind something.
  • Don't underestimate it; it can kill you in seconds if you don't take cover and it can remove breakable parts to hurt you.
    • Don't overestimate it, either; Sighters can be easily avoided by hiding behind unbreakable parts and their damage can easily be recovered with healing gear.
  • Any destructible buildings or parts will be demolished by the sighter. It's better to take cover behind parts that cannot be destroyed.
    • A good strategy is to hide around the Gear Shop, as there is an invisible wall which reliably protects you from the sighters.
  • This disaster was suggested by a fan.
  • The hyper sighters before changes, deal 8 damage. But after changes, it doubles the damage deal (changes to normal damage).
  • In Survive The Disasters 4 (April Fool 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to ”corner pokers”.
  • In Version 1.35, their damage was increased from 16 to 18.