Shadow Ninja Stars is a gear in Survive The Disasters 2, added in Version 1.24.

In-Game Description

An unusual force is contained in these shadowy throwing stars. [DAMAGE: 19 / RELOAD: .25]


Shadow Ninja Stars are three-pronged black shurikens with purple tips. They have a 0.25-second fire rate and 19 damage, doing 2 more damage than the Electric Ninja Stars but requiring a higher rank to use. These Shurikens are actually based off DarkAge Shurikens, a gear in Roblox. When thrown, a purple trail streaks behind each shuriken, a similar effect to the Golden Ninja Stars.


  • Damage: 19 per shot (23 damage, 30 for bosses)
  • Firerate: 0.25 per second (0.1875 seconds with Legendary Quick Reload Orb)

"()" in damage shown the rate of max damage that used by Bosshunter and Damage Boost Legendary orb.


  • As of Version 1.36, the damage has been reduced from 20 to 19.
  • The purple trail streaking behind the Shadow Ninja Stars allows it to be easily identifiable by other players.
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