Sandstorm is a disaster in Survive the Disasters 2.


A heavy sandstorm comes form the end of the map! Take cover as being out in the open may take 10 ~ 20 if hit by debris. Tumbleweed will also come, and they do 100 damage.


A sandstorm begins, always blowing from the side of the map that is opposite from the Shop. If a player is out in the open, they take 10-20 damage every few seconds. If a player is hiding behind a solid object, they will be protected from the debris. Large tumbleweeds also spawn and are blown toward the Shop, instantly killing any player that comes in contact.

Hyper Sandstorm

Tumbleweeds appear more often and are a little bigger. Debris deal damage more frequently. The fog cover up for further distance so that can't be seen clearly.


  • On April Fools 2017, the song Darude - Sandstorm would play when this disaster came.
    • This happened in April Fools 2018, but it was a flute cover of the same song.
      • You can take Multiple damage from the debris.
  • The tumbleweed was a fan suggestion.
  • In Version 1.25, debris deals 75 damage. It might be a bug.