Rotten Cheezburger is a gear in Survive The Disasters 2.

In-Game Description

"Eat this rotten cheezburger to stink your breath for a short time so enemies rather chase someone else."


When the Rotten Cheezburger is eaten, the distance from which enemies can target the player will be reduced by 50 studs, but the player will also take 50 damage. Enemies that were already targeting the player when they ate the Cheezburger will still target the player.


  • When you eat this, 50HP is exchanged to acquire an effect that decreases the distance the enemies can spot you by 50 studs.
  • You must wait thirty seconds before using the Rotten Cheezburger again.
  • The effects of the Rotten Cheezburger do not work on Guest 666.
  • No one has researched how this effect works, tied with Cloak.
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