This feature has been removed in Survive The Disaster 2 due to replacement.

Ring and Ring Box

Rings over Ring Boxes

Rings are a Collectible in Survive The Disasters 2. Unlike the Memo and Token, when a ring is collected, the player must survive the next disaster in order to receive the rings reward. A single ring equals 4 coins. Ring boxes and Red Ring can also be found in Green Hill Zone.

Ring Box

Ring box is a metal box that has a ring as a icon. It will explode (no damage) when a player touches it. The player who touches it will receive 40 coins.

Red Ring

The Red Ring can only be found on the stage Green Hill Zone in Survive The Disasters 4. When collected, Static will appear, turning the map red and satanic based off the Sonic Creepypasta, "Sonic.exe". See more about red ring here.


Rings can be found in some maps:

  • Green Hill Zone (along with ring boxes) (single red ring if in Survive The Disaster 4)
    • 115 Rings (w/ Ring Boxes) = 460 Coins
  • Checkers (Survive The Disasters 4)
    • 66 Rings = 254 Coins
  • Test (Survive The Disasters 4)
    • 275 Rings (w/ Ring Boxes) = 1100 Coins
  • MM Deathchamber (Survive The Disasters 4)
    • 35 Rings = 140 Coins

Ring Balloon will spit out rings every 100 damage it receives.

Whenever a player with rings die, all of his/her rings will be spat out. Those rings can be collected by other players.


  • Rings are based off of the currency in Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • If there are any Rings lying on the ground, when Rising Lava is announced, the lava will burn the ring.
    • When the Ring Burns, the Ring Collecting FSX will still play.
Red Ring

With the Rings set on the Ladder, 1 out of 4 of these rings are red instead of yellow.

  • Rings are removed as of V39 and replaced with coins.
  • If a player is dead (Or joined during a disaster), they cannot pick up a ring untill the disaster is over.
    • However, they can still pick up the Red Ring. This is probably because it doesn't give the player any extra Coins when collected.
  • When a Ring gets in an explosion, the ring will be pushed.

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