Regen Coil is a Gear in Survive The Disasters 2 and Survive The Disasters.

In-Game Description

"Regen Coil, just equip this coil to regen health! Say no more to junk food!"


The Regen Coil is used to recover HP. While the Regen Coil is equipped, The Player's HP will recover, making it useful when the player has low health. It also does not have to be clicked to be used, meaning its cooldown is exactly 1 second per heal can be taken full advantage of.


  • Even though it already features auto-heal, lots of people tend to equip an additional Auto-heal Orb to increase it's healing amount.
  • This is one of the two self-auto-healing gears; the other being Game Master's Sword.
  • The Regeneration Orb can only be applied to the Regen Coil, make it can heals up to 8HP per 0.85 secs
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