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Reaper is a boss in Survive The Disasters 2.


It's Reaper! It will make a slash motion, making a giant dangerous wave that moves across the stage. This attack kills you instantly, so beware. It can also launch three fireballs at you, which moves faster than the kill wave, but does only 33-55 damage. Gravity Coil is best to survive against this disaster!

Hyper Reaper

Hardcore Crimson Reaper

Hardcore Crimson Reaper

60 Second clip of Crimson Reaper.

The Hyper Reaper, known alternatively as the Crimson Reaper, has five different attacks compared to the original Reaper's two.

  • Slash: Similar to normal Reaper, except he unleashes three slashes in quick succession. Each slash is faster but smaller.
  • Fireball: Crimson Reaper unleashes a giant but slow fireball, instantly killing players who touch it. Can also cause an effect similar to Lightning Staff; it damages any players nearby for 20 damage for every second the player is near it. Speed boosting gear is useful for avoiding this.
  • Damage Reflect: Crimson Reaper summons a shield that reflects 25% damage back to the players.
  • Pillars: Crimson Reaper summons a large number of pillars and throws them across the entire map. Players have to stay at the gaps between the pillars as they instant-kill.
  • Spikes: Crimson Reaper throws a large number of spikes in the air. They will automatically aim at players after a few moments and instantly kill those who touch it.

Last for 150 seconds in Hardcore Mode.


  • In older versions, Reaper did not attack players on some maps.
    • This glitch also affected other disasters, such as Meteors, which only worked on the "Test" map.
  • This, along with Black Mage, is the only bosses that never move. Reaper stands while Black Mage floats.
  • It's not recommended to be in a confined space during this disaster as it makes it harder to dodge the slashes.
  • If you manage to kill Reaper before the round ends, a large black beam will surround him and he will disappear. This is similar to Black Mage.
  • Because Hyper Reaper last for 30 seconds, it is very hard to kill it in time.
  • In Survive The Disasters 3, the Reaper received girly clothing, and the color of its fireballs, slashes, and scythe became red and pink. Hyper Reaper wasn't changed at all. The Reaper's theme was replaced by "Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary - Satan's Theme"
  • In the Christmas Update, the Reaper received Christmas-themed clothes, a decorated sickle, and two reindeer.
  • When Reaper has no targets (all players are dead), Reaper will target spots where players died.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, Reaper attacks are replaced with Reaper's one from the game Overwatch.
    • These attacks are Hellfire Shotguns and Death Blossom.
    • He will shoot using shotguns and when the round is almost over he teleports to the center of the map and spins around while shooting players, saying "Die! Die! Die!" repeatedly.
      • Getting hit by the gun while he is doing this will result in an instant-kill.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, Hyper Reaper is "replaced" with its impossible version, lasting 2 minutes.
  • Hyper Reaper is known to be one of the hardest Hyper Disasters after Hyper Tsunami. It is also known one of the hardest Hyper Boss Disasters.