Not to be confused with Press The Button (Classic).


"You are everyone's worst enemy."

- Button Masher badge

Press The Button is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.

Memo (Standard)

"A button appears at the center of the map! Pressing the button will create kill walls around the button. Corners are safe from the kill walls, so you could always go there if you don't think you could make it to the middle."

Memo (Hyper)

"Comparing to standard Press The Button, the button will appear on a random enemy spawn than normally spawning in the center. However, the time to spawn the kill walls is extended, taking 5 seconds for it to appear. Make sure you utilize that time to find it whenever someone presses it. If the button is left unpressed for 21 seconds, it'll activate itself."

Synopsis & Survival Guide

A green button appears in the very center of the map. Unless it is not pressed at all, an enormous red kill box will spawn and instakill any player(s) that is/are not in the center or corners of the map, which are the save zones for the standard version. The button turns red and the kill box will disappear after a second or two.

Hyper Press The Button

The hyper variant of Press The Button was originally planned to be released in Version 1.31, but was instead in the April Fools (2018) update.

The button can appear in any enemy spawn, as opposed to the center. The time taken for the kill boxes to appear increases to five seconds, but the safe zones are only within the vicinity of the button in its center. The safe zone is also slightly smaller than its standard counterpart.

The button will activate itself if it is left unpressed after twenty-one seconds.
RobloxScreenShot20180407 213756039

Hyper Press The Button. Note that the button spawned at a random spawn point.

Impossible Press The Button

The duration is halved in comparison to both the standard and hyper counterparts. The safe zone is literally the button itself with about two extra studs on each side. Like the hyper variant, the button will activate itself if left unpressed.

The safe zone of Impossible Press the Button.


  • Press The Button has the highest Coin payout of any Disaster in the game.
  • It is considered to be the hardest disaster for newer players, as well as any players in Pacifist Mode, as they do not have many tools to quickly move to the center or corners.
  • The standard variant of this disaster is more of a social experiment; nothing happens when the button is left unpressed until the disaster ends. It is based entirely on the players' knowledge of the disaster.
  • The Last One Standing achievement is extremely easy to obtain in this disaster if one so happens to be close enough to the button and activate it before other players can react and reach for it. This is much more common during a mystery disaster and its hyper counterpart.
  • The Teamwork Triumph bonus is possible on the standard variant if all players within the server agrees not to touch it. However, the likelihood of this is relatively small.
  • The kill boxes positions were reversed in the "Survive The Disasters 3" update.
  • The button model is actually a ROBLOX pie, but upside down with a green/red enlarged head inside, while in the prequel/beta build 1-2 it is an extremely squashed green/red ninja mask.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, its Disaster name was renamed to “press it”, and there are different events can happen:
    • The button explodes and kills players who are in its radius, revealing an Illumina. It will take some seconds for this to happen. Not touching the Illumina does not trigger the explosion.
    • Have its safe and unsafe area swapped, killing players who are in either corner or center of the map.
    • Works like the regular Press The Button.
    • To survive it if someone were to press the button, The kill bricks will come at a certain time.
      • If the kill bricks spawn in fast, the kill bricks will be put in reverse.
      • When the kill bricks take longer spawn, it indicates that either they'll spawn in their regular positions or an Illumina will spawn in the middle of the button.

        A button with the Illumina on it in Survive The Disasters 4.

    • During Hyper Press The Button, if the button is pressed, the kill bricks spawn immediately.
  • The disaster was originally an overkill in Version 1.32. Kill boxes now appear three seconds after the button is pressed, as opposed to an instance.
  • Hyper Press The Button is one of the most difficult hyper disasters in game. This is due to the large number of possible spawn points the button can spawn in, and the button can be overlooked relatively easily.
  • During Hardcore Testing, Hyper Press The Button could spawn in as a Mystery Disaster.
    Hyper Mystery Button

    Hyper Button During a Mystery Round in Testing.

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