Points are the main collectible currency in Survive The Disasters.


The server leaderboard showing players' points.

Players can earn points by surviving disasters. Every time a round ends, the survivors' names will be displayed along with how many points they earn. Points aren't a permanent score, as they are lost when the player leaves the game. In addition, every time a player purchases a gear, they do not spend their points.

How to get points


  • Vyriss planned to add the points mechanic to Survive The Disasters 2, but for a different purpose. Every time a player survived a disaster, they would gain points, which would be traded for Coins and other items. This idea was never implemented.
  • The only way to lose points is to get robbed by Thief (Classic). In comparison, Coins in Survive The Disasters 2 can also be lost by getting a Cruel Defeat or getting robbed by Thief.