(Map) Plastic Palace (Beta)

Plastic Palace (Beta) is a Map in Survive the Disasters 3.


This map appears to be an unfinished version of Plastic Palace, as it says in the name "(Beta)". There are several differences between both maps, firstly, there are no large constructions, only small ones (these constructions are also in small numbers). The walls of the catelo are puzzle pieces and the rest of the scenery has a different coloration of the Plastic Palace map.

Key Features

  • A couple of fences
  • A group of walls under the spawn pads.
  • Multiple holes the player cannot fall through.
  • Small buildings, as a slider
  • Puzzle pieces that form the map walls.



  • The person who created this was Vyriss.
  • This Map is extremely barren and flat, making in hard to survive on.
  • Its voting icon was the same as the regular Plastic Palace.
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