Pizza Dude is an enemy disaster in Survive The Disasters 2, added in Version 1.35.


"The creator of Work at a Pizza Place comes in with a pizza delivery! He throws large pizzas every second at the nearest target. Pizzas are instant-death if you touch them."

Hyper Memo

"Comparing to standard Pizza Dude, he throws pizza twice as fast."


The Pizza Dude is actually Dued1, the creator of Work at a Pizza Place. He stands large and proud at the front of the map, throwing pizzas as if ninja stars. They can have a random orientation.

Impossible Pizza Dude

Pizza Dude now throws pizza boxes at the same rate as Hyper.

Impossible Pizza Dude compared to the pizza box he throws.


  • This disaster is similar to Ninja Noob, but instead of shurikens, Pizza Dude throws pizza.
  • When the pizza dude has no targets left (all players are dead) he stops throwing pizza and just stands there.
  • Prior to v1.38, the Pizza Dude memo was a joke, merely saying "he throw pizza"
    • The memo was grammatically wrong, as there is no capital letter, and 'throw' should be written as 'throws'. There is no fullstop, either. This was likely done as a joke.
  • This disaster was once planned to be called "Dued1".
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