Panic Pyramid is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2.


Panic Pyramid is a map that takes place inside of a pyramid based on Egypt. There are a bunch of pillars placed around the map that supports the roof of the map, and there's also a bunch of X patterns in the floor. On the sides of the map, there are small rectangular corridors where players can hide in or take shelter during some disasters like Bombers, Acid Rain, and even Sandstorm, which the south walls block the dust bunnies.

Key Features

  • A small crypt that replaces the house, containing tombs that hold skeletons in them.
  • 4 user-interactive buttons to change lights on, near each corner of the map.
  • Four major columns aligned around the map.
  • Corridors with roof and cover.


  • Previously, the buttons on the map turned off the lights faster, this made the players dislike the map.
    • In one of the updates, Vyriss removed this function, making the buttons just turn on the lights.
    • However, Vyriss did not detail the change, instead simply stating "Changed Panic Pyramid to be less annoying".
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