Nyan Cat is a disaster from Survive The Disasters and Survive The Disasters 2.


"Nyan Cat will come from the end of the map! Nyan cat will move in a straight line moving a bit left and right. You're likely safe if you go to the walls."

Hyper Memo

"Unlike normal Nyan Cat, the threshhold Nyan Cat moves left to right is increased. Choose a wall wisely because Hyper Nyan Cat is likely to touch one of them."


Nyan Cat (always) flies in from the Northern side of the map at a constant speed and travels in a ~30 stud wide zig-zag pattern until it reaches the southern end of the map, somewhere outside the map boundaries. Coming into contact with any part of Nyan Cat or its rainbow trail will insta-kill the player. Players must gauge whether they are in Nyan Cat's path or not. If so, they must move out of the way before it is too late in order to survive. The eastern and western side of the map (including the map boundary walls) is always excluded from Nyan Cat's path, making it a safe place for players. Broken/Detached bricks that come into contact with the rainbow trail will be colored a random bright pastel color.

Hyper Nyan Cat

Hyper Nyan Cat

Hyper Nyan Cat

20-second round of Hyper Nyan Cat. Note that Hyper Nyan Cat covers much larger area, including the side of the maps.

Nyan Cat has similar speed to its normal variant. Hyper Nyan Cat covers significantly more area compared to its normal variant, at about fifty studs wide. Hyper Nyan Cat's path can now go to the sides of the map, and even outside of the map boundaries.


  • In Survive The Disasters and the beta version of Survive The Disasters 2, the Nyan Cat music played. It was removed later on due to copyright infringements from people who upload gameplay of the game on YouTube.
  • In the beta, Nyan Cat colored all bricks, but in the current version, it only colors broken bricks.
    • Also in the beta, instead of moving in the middle, Nyan Cat could move anywhere in the map.
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Nyan Cat in Candy Cloud.

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