Hyper Nuclear Bomb's red dot.

The Nuclear Bomb is a disaster from Survive The Disasters 2. It replaced Terran Ghost.  


"There is a blinking red dot pointing at a random spawn, that's where the nuke will land! The nuke comes 15 seconds later. Get away from the dot!"

Hyper Memo

"There is a blinking red dot pointing at a random spawn, that's where the nuke will land! The red dot blinks less, so don't miss it! The nuke comes 11.25 seconds later with a bigger explosive range. Get away from the dot!"

Hyper Nuclear Bomb (v42)

The bomb now has a multi-explosion effect.

Impossible Nuclear Bomb

Impossible Terran Ghost

Impossible Terran Ghost

Note that the bomb drops right after the announcement.


Impossible Nuclear Bomb's red dot. (Photo credit Nthien2003)

After the message is announced, the bomb drops almost immediately. The dot is also nearly impossible to see so you have only 7 seconds before it lands.

In the upcoming Version 42, the bomb drops at the same time as the old Hyper version. The dot is the same as its old Hyper counterpart. Multi-explosion effect still stays.


  • This disaster was previously called Terran Ghost.
    • The Terran Ghost is originally from the StarCraft series, where they are feared for their assassination skills and ability to cloak.
    • Killing the Terran Ghost would stop the nuke from spawning, getting the badge "Nuke Defused".
      • Once he was killed, he let off a scream to signal that he had been found and killed.
  • Atlantis (Day) is a map that allows players to see the red dot easily.
  • On Survive The Disasters 4, its disaster warning was renamed to "invisible nuke boi".
  • The nuke model and mesh are from the Rocket Launcher gear in the Roblox Catalog.
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