Ninjas are an enemy disaster from Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2.


"Ninjas are attacking! They will either attack you with katanas or shuriken stars! Each star does 20-25 damage while katanas do 25-35 damage."

Hyper Ninjas

Hyper Ninjas

Electric and Shadow Ninjas. The Electric Ninja is affected by the Darkheart.

Only Electric Ninjas and Shadow Ninjas spawn. They use Electric Ninja Stars and Shadow Ninja Stars, respectively, dealing much more damage. As a result, they are tougher than the regular Ninjas.


  • This disaster was formerly called "Ninja Noobs".
  • The Memo description says Ninjas can attack with katanas, but the katanas are never seen.
  • Ninjas make a "hi-yah" sound when they spawn.
    • Usually they don't make it again on death, but if they are bloxxed by a Darkheart they will let off another "hi-yah".
  • As of Version 1.22, Ninjas have R15 animations, skin color, and a face (Raig Face).
  • As of Version 1.25, Electric Ninjas spawn along with normal Ninjas, albeit at a lower chance. They are stronger than the normal Ninjas.
  • In Survive The Disaters 4 (April Fools 2018), the Disaster warning was renamed to “kung fu bois”.