Not to be confused with Ninjas.

Ninja Noob is a disaster in Survive The Disasters.


A giant noob will appear in the south, on the outside of the map facing the north with a attacking pose. This noob will throw giant silver shurikens at players, everyone who gets hit will die.


  • The shurikens throwed by the noob are similiar to the ninja stars gear from Survive The Disasters 2 Beta.
  • Previously, this noob launched Black Ninja Stars instead of the silver ones, however, on it's model, the noob were holding silver shurikens.
  • This disaster is based of a "Noob Attack: Ninja Nuisance" item on Roblox.
    • Previously, this disaster had the same name of this item.
  • Previously, the stars were thrown at the same position every time, making it easy to survive.
  • This disaster behaves similar to Pizza Dude in Survive The Disasters 2.
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