Mystery Disaster is a Danger Mode in Survive The Disasters 2. When a warning round occurs, a Mystery Disaster can happen, for example, Double Trouble, Hyper Disaster or Triple Threat. All disasters can appear in a mystery disaster round except for blacklisted disasters (see below).

As of v1.27, there's a 30% chance of a Mystery Disaster during a Warning round.


When selected, Mystery Disaster will choose a random disaster under heavy fog, but the game will not show the disaster message as the other danger modes, so the player must discover it to survive. A mist opens up and covers the entire map so the player does not discover it anytime soon.


The following disasters are blacklisted and won't appear in mystery disaster rounds due to unfairness.

Coins Payout

150% of the chosen disaster, rounded down.


  • In very early alpha, there was no fog during this mode and it lasted how long the disaster chosen would instead of 45 seconds. For example, Tsunami would last 20 seconds while Zombies would last 30.
    • Afterwards, for an unknown reason, mystery disasters would last for 45 seconds until v1.21, where mystery disasters went back to lasting how long the disaster was chosen.
  • If a Mystery Disaster happens, make sure you always take a peek at the map away from the shop, as it could be Get Down.
  • Bosses and Bonus Rounds can also be presented in Mystery Disaster.
  • Some disaster can be very obvious, like Barrier Eggman or Zerg Lurker from its sound, which makes the round quite easy. However, it can also be deadly if the disaster have no omens, like Get Down.
  • In April Fools 2018, mystery disasters were removed.

Version History

  1. Alpha: Mystery Disaster was added as a Danger Mode.
  2. Final Demo: Mystery Disaster message was changed.
  3. Version 1.21 : Mystery Disaster duration is now based on chosen disaster's instead of 45 seconds.
  4. Version 1.37 : Blacklist is added, blacklisting Pizza Dude and Volcano.

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