Not to be confused with Murderers.
Gun Damage

A player (Taking role as Murderer) taking damage from standing too close to the gun.

Murder Mystery is an exclusive mode for Survive The Disasters 4. It is based on many murder games on Roblox.


Once a Murder Mystery Map is chosen, players will be teleported to a special map exclusive to only Murder Mystery rounds. After the 'Break Time', two players will be selected as either Murderer or Sheriff. The rest are Innocent. This round runs for 3 minutes. The round also ends when the Murderer dies.




Players with this role receive a knife. This knife is used to kill (insta-kill) other players to increase the award amount. Only the Sheriff is able to kill the Murderer. If the murderer stands near a dropped gun, they will start to receive 10 damage continuously. This prevents the murderer from guarding the gun too closely.



Players with this role will immediately receive a revolver to shoot the Murderer. Shooting Innocents will result in instant death for both the shot innocent and the Sheriff who shot the innocent. The gun will be dropped when the Sheriff dies. When the gun is dropped, it points upwards and floats at a height of about torso height, emitting a green haze to ensure the gun can be easily seen. Innocents can pick up this gun to instantly become the next sheriff.



The most common role. Players with this role don't receive anything when the round starts. The main objective of Innocents is to avoid getting killed by the Murderer. Innocents that act suspiciously might end up getting shot by the Sheriff. The best option for Innocents is to try to communicate with other Innocents and the Sheriff to find out who the Murderer is.

It should be noted that the aim of this game is still to survive. In other words, players of all roles should stay alive in order to gain a survival and increase streak. Murderer/Sheriff will still be given a survival if they live, regardless of whether he/she had done their tasks or not.


  • Players can lose their survival streak if they die in this gamemode.
  • Murderer earns more depending on how many players he/she killed; The coin bonus the Sheriff earns depends on how many Innocents are left upon the death of the Murderer or the end of the round.
  • If there is only one person in the server when the countdown hits 0 and the intermission finishes, the player will be sent back to the main spawn point, and it won't count as a survival.


Murderer Mystery Maps
1. Checkers 2. MM Cells 3. MM Deathchamber 4. MM Mansion
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