Moonbase is a Map in Survive The Disasters 2. It also appear in Survive The Disasters 1, with a different design.


Moonbase is set on the face of a planet/moon/gravitational force in space. There are craters filled with solid acid (lava on crimson version). The ground on Moonbase is very rocky, with some bridge and point type.

Key Features

(*) Asterisk indicate the new features in Version 1.29.
  • The classic Roblox house, right of the Shop.
  • A couple of construction/digging machines.
  • Craters filled with lava (Acid if it's the day or night version).
  • Rock bridges and points.
  • * Metal structures, one is closed roof and other opened.
  • * Plateau covered on the side of the map.
  • * Some metal walls covered outside of the map.
  • * Basic tower located northeast outside map, including satellite tower located near the house on the left side (outside of the map).


  • This map got expanded in Version 1.29.
  • This is one of the maps that are available on all versions of the game (Excluding the fact that its classic version have different design).
  • There was two unused songs for this map when it was first released.
  • The Satellite Tower behind the right of the house in the background can sometimes loose its Support Beams from Tornado. This however this is uncommon to see as Tornado head's mostly on the right side of the map.
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