Molten Metal is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


The map takes place in a giant mining area. There are some notable things that fit the map, including rocks, crystals, lava, and mechanical objects, supposedly used for extracting ores and natural resources.

Key Features

  • A river of lava that courses under the map.
  • A classic Roblox house, but it's red and orange.
  • Red pipes that cross some areas on the map.
  • Rock covered the sides of the map, with the crystals.
  • Giant truss columns.
  • Mechanical structures, most likely used to extract lava and other resources. There are two of them on the map. Players can take cover inside them.
  • Stone hills around the map, these have chess-stylish textures on the surface.
    • These hills also have realistic stone textures.


  • This map uses "realistic" textures, which is a reference to early 3D games.
  • In an earlier version, some of the lava pits were not blocked off. Touching the lava dealt a minor amount of damage, similar to the electric wires in the old map Frenzy Factory.
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