"You managed to touch the missile before exploding!"

- Point Blank badge

Missile Strike is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2, added on Version 1.38. It replaced the Bullet Bill disaster due to copyright.


"A large missile comes from the sky! It aims right next to the shop, targeting usually where the house is located. Has an extremely large blast radius, so move out of there quick!"

Hyper Memo

"A large missile comes from the sky! Comparing to the standard Missile Strike, this one moves very very fast. It aims exactly where the normal missile lands, so move out of there quick!"


A giant missile will be launched from the sky that will strike the map with a huge explosion, instantly killing anyone within its radius. It mainly aims at the area right next to the Shop, usually where the House is standing. The missile strike has a blast radius of 112 studs.

Hyper Missile Strike

It is similar to the normal Missile Strike, but it lands on the ground even more quickly with a faster sound effect, with a larger explosion radius. It's also golden in color.

In the upcoming Version 42, Hyper Missile Strike is buffed to have a multi-explosion effect.

Impossible Missile Strike

The missile looks the same as its hyper, but now it will target a random spawn point or the middle of the map and fly straight down on it instead of shooting at the area next to the shop.

Like Hyper Missile Strike, it also gets the cluster-bomb/multi-explosion treatment in the upcoming update v42.


  • It is possible to get the Point Blank badge from Impossible Missile Strike if you touch the missile before it lands. This is not easy to pull off since you have to reach S rank to do so.
  • This was the third time the disaster concept was changed.
    • The disaster was first called Plane Crash, and was then changed to Bullet Bill, last but not least, it changed to Missile Strike.
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