Mine Spawn is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"9 deadly Mines will spawn on all the enemy spawns on the map. They will explode after 2.4 seconds upon appearing. Mines have a blast radius of 40. Beware!"

Hyper Memo

"Hyper Mine Spawns[sic] has an explosive blast radius of 60, instead of the standard 45. Detonates at the same time standard Mine Spawn do."


Mines will spawn on the Spawn Points, and will tick a few times before exploding. Their blast radius is medium-sized. Stay away from Spawn Points!

(Old) Hyper Mine Spawn

The blast radius is increased, but it doesn't explode until someone walks near it's blast radius. This makes it very easy on it's own, but very hard when paired with combos. When someone walks near it's blast radius, it explodes instantly, as the time it takes to start beeping has already ended.

(New) Hyper Mine Spawn

The blast radius on the mines is twice as big, making it a bigger challenge to avoid them if there's Spawn Points close together on the map. The mines explode a little faster.

Impossible Mine Spawn

Similar to the Hyper counterpart, but instead of exploding with twice the size, it will explode 3 times the size while also exploding faster.


  • If you see the warning for this disaster, make sure you aren't near any Spawn Points.
  • In Impossible Mine Spawn, the spawns will destroy a considerably large margin of the map. This is due to the 70 stud blast radius and the amount of Spawn Points in a map.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, it's disaster warning letters changed to lowercase.
    • Along with that, the mine beeps are replaced with the "Mine!" sound effects from Finding Nemo. This happened in Survive The Disasters 3.
  • As of Version 1.415, Hyper Mine Spawn was changed into self-detonating with explosion size nerfed.
    • Standard and Impossible versions, however, were slightly buffed.
    • As for what the previous Hyper Mine Spawns acted like, it would start beeping, but will never explode until someone walks near it's blast radius. This, results in it becoming completely harmless on it's own, but a threat in combos, where things like X-Bomb and Killbots force you to move around a lot, potentially risking yourself detonating one of the mines, if you aren't careful.
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