A Memo. Note that it spawned during an active disaster, so it will have information for that particular disaster.

Memos are large cards found scattered throughout the Map. They spawn at random times; for instance, a Memo can spawn after a Disaster ends. Memos hold information about a Disaster, Boss or Bonus Round.

They have a 35% chance of dropping.

Memos also give an award of Coins and EXP. This award depends on your Skill Rank, and can be duplicated if you collect more than one memo. A maximum of three Memos can spawn during a single Disaster.

There are currently 80 Memos in-game, one for each Disaster, Boss and Bonus Round, players can check it's memos on the menu button, where it shows in alphabetical order the memos that the player has and the memos that have not yet been collected, clicking on the available memos will show the description of such disaster and its status.

Hyper Disaster Memos

An alternative version of the normal memos are confirmed, these are called "Hyper Disaster Memos" and they are used to show information about the hyper disaster counterpart of a disaster. These memos can only be found on Hardcore Mode.

Collecting Memos

Follow these tips to get Memos more efficiently:

  • Try to use third person to search around. If you prefer the first person controls, use Shift-Mouse Lock by going to the Roblox menu, enabling it in the Settings tab, and pressing Shift in-game.
  • Look in the Memos menu to know if you already have the current Disaster Memo. You can still pick up the Memo for its reward.
  • Be very careful trying to search for Memos, as the current Disaster could get in your way, possibly letting another player snatch it as you die.
    • It is wise to search up memos between two disasters.
  • Use an Epic Katana or Game Master Sword to get ahead of the other players and obtain the Memo easily.