Lumberjack is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2, added in Version 1.415.


"A giant lumberjack appears! The falling tree will fall on the average distance between all survivors. The tree is instant death when you touch it."

Hyper Memo


Lumberjack, about to cut the tree.

"Comparing to standard version, Lumberjack cuts the tree twice as fast and the tree is 160% wider."


Lumberjack spawns at the back of the map, holding an axe near a giant tree. After a few seconds, he'll then start chopping the tree, which crushes across the map in a position which is the average distance between all survivors. The log is instant kill when touched, but leaves aren't.

Impossible Lumberjack

As soon as the disaster starts, the Lumberjack will immediately chop the tree really really quickly, with multiple hits. Also, the tree is much thicker and lands at a random direction instead.


  • Lumberjack was revealed during the testing phase 3.
  • It's one of the only disasters that spawn at the back of the map, the other ones being Pizza Dude, Tornado, Get Down and Nyan Cat.
  • It could be exploded using Lightning Staff with the death bomb orb, during the testing phase.
  • After he cuts the tree, he'll just stand still looking at what he has done.
  • Leaves actually do not kill players.
    • However, be careful with the branch.
  • The Lumberjack wields the Presidential Vampire Slaying Ax, as it contains a small L on the bottom of the ax along with red string in the middle
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