You tested the legendary sword of SFOTH, and the power may be a little too overwhelming...
- Illumina badge
Illumina is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 1, also in its sequel , Survive The Disasters 2.


As shiny as this sword looks, touching it is not a good idea. You best stay away from it incase someone ruins it for everyone.

Hyper Illumina

Hyper Illumina

Hyper Illumina

Hyper Illumina.

Hyper Illumina now becomes Illumina Man, who can move around. The blast radius is still the same. Another thing to note is that Illumina Man will explode, if not previously detonated by a player, at the last second of the disaster. It has bloxxer points.


  • If you touch the sword before the round ends, you will earn a badge called "The Legend of the Sparkling Sword".
  • You can touch the sword to actually ruin someone's survival streak if he/she is near the house.
  • Players often use this disaster to cause rage in other players.
  • Panicking on maps with close pits such as City Park or Galantasy is also not a good idea, as you could run into the pits, to your doom and die.
  • If you are dead (Or joined during the Disaster), you cannot activate the Illumina.
  • It deals 75 damage to people that are near the explosion.
  • The Illumina has a slight chance of being detonated again by another player that has not been killed in the first explosion.
  • The Illumina was originally in the center of the map instead of near the house.
  • The hyper version of Illumina (Illumina man) were considered as a enemy, then it got bloxxer points in Version 1.24.
  • In Survive The Disasters 4, it's disaster name was renamed to "sword".
    • In the Hyper Version, it's behavior is the same, but will explode at the last second of the timer.
  • It's best to get the Badge in Pacifist Mode.