Icicles is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2 that was added in Version 1.33.


"Icicles are falling from the sky! Hiding under a high roof will protect you from falling icicles. An icicle will fall every 1 to 1.2 seconds. There's a 50% chance it'll fall on a random position or nearby a random survivor. When the icicle hits the ground there is a delay for 1.1 seconds before exploding into 6 frozen rocks. Rocks freeze you for 2 seconds and do 49 damage! The icicles do 99 damage."

Hyper Memo

"Icicles are falling from the sky that are slightly bigger than the standard icicles! An icicle will fall every .7 to .7 seconds. There's a 25% chance it'll fall on a random position and 75% nearby a random survivor."


Giant icicles will rain down from the sky upon players. Once they hit the ground, they shatter into frozen rocks that fall around the area that the icicle landed in. Getting hit by the frozen rocks or icicle itself will damage and freeze you for four seconds. The frozen rocks go through all terrain, while the icicle itself shatters into frozen rocks upon contact with another brick.

Hyper Icicles

Hyper Icicles

Hyper Icicles.


  • Icicles used to be an unused disaster before being added to Version 1.33.
  • Icicles were buffed in Version 1.36, dealing more damage and raining more rapidly.
  • The rock particles of Icicles had its collision fidelity updated to box on the SD2's Discord Servers' updates channel. This hotfix for Version 1.39 was announced on 15th April 2019.
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