Hyper Disaster is a danger mode in Survive The Disasters 2. It is a harder version of its regular counterpart, usually incorporating new and unique effects; for example, once a Hyper X-Bomb explodes, its lasers will move clockwise, a behavior not found in the regular X-Bomb. This forces players to adopt new strategies to survive.

There are currently 59 Hyper Disasters in the game. They are periodically updated to maintain a balance with the other Hyper Disasters.

As of Version 1.27, there is a 40% chance of a Hyper Disaster occurring as a result of a Warning. You'll receive x1.5 of normal disaster coins if you survive (as of Version 1.33).

In Hardcore Mode, all normal disasters are replaced by Hyper disasters. An even harder version of Hyper Disaster, Impossible Disaster will replace Hyper Disaster in it.

Hyper Disasters

Hyper Disaster Difficulty Difference(s)
Hyper Explosive Noobs Moderate The noobs do not beep, so you don't know when they explode. They also have increased blast radius and health.
Hyper Fire Breath Difficult Instead of three missiles, six are released at a time. It's also red in color.
Hyper Bombers Difficult Bombs themselves are recoloured red to signal this change. It explodes multiple times after landing, creating a clusterbomb effect.
Hyper Pacman Difficult Pacman is about triple his normal size. This allows him to completely consume larger buildings like towers.
Hyper Missile Strike Moderate The missile travels twice as fast.
Hyper Flash Flood Moderate The flood reaches twice as high at a faster rate.
Hyper Sighters Easy Sighters now shoot in turns, result in a slightly faster overall firerate.
Hyper Ghosts Moderate Doubled health.
Hyper Tsunami Moderate The tsunami no longer decreases in height the further it travels.
Hyper X-Bomb Difficult Lasers move in a clockwise motion after the X-Bomb explodes.
Hyper Reaper Extreme The Reaper can launch three slashes from his scythe, which kill instantly upon impact. Also launches red, slower, larger fireballs that deal 20 damage if you are close enough to it. The Reaper can also summon a shield that reflects damage back to players, launch a large number of pillars before hurling them at players and spikes which directs to any players.
Hyper Rocket Noobs Moderate Spawns are no longer limited to enemy spawns. They receive a force field and two rocket launchers instead of one.
Hyper Spiked Walls Moderate There are four walls instead of two, and they meet at the center. Similar to the "walls closing in" disaster from Survive The Disasters 1.
Hyper Noobs Moderate Their speed, jump power and damage are all doubled.
Hyper Nuclear Bomb Moderate The red dot signalling the location of the nuke is smaller. The nuke explosion has a significantly larger blast radius.
Hyper Time Bombs Moderate Bombs become cube-shaped. Their fuse time is decreased and blast radius is increased.
Hyper Illumina Moderate Transforms into the Illumina Man, an NPC that will explode on touch. He will follow the nearest player. If a player has not touched him, he will explode on his own at the last second.
Hyper Zerg Lurker Moderate Attacks at a much quicker rate and detects people on higher grounds.
Hyper Hammer Eggman Moderate Only the totem pole on the right is used, so arrows are shot more often as Eggman no longer travels across the screen in between shots.
Hyper Rising Lava Moderate The lava arrives faster. Its appearance is changed, appearing darker and having a faint red glow. It burns down parts quicker.
Hyper Missile Launcher Difficult In addition to its normal shooting, it can now shoot rockets into the sky which can home onto players. The bullets and missile launcher itself are larger.
Hyper Tiny Noobs Moderate Double damage, jumps higher and higher movespeed.
Hyper Epic Duck Difficult The Epic Duck, now called the Evil Duck, is given a more demonic appearance. It deals twice as much damage and moves faster.
Hyper Shurikens Easy Projectiles are replaced with larger Electric Ninja Stars. They rain down more frequently.
Hyper Get Down Moderate The kill brick is slightly lower.
Hyper Crimson Balrog Moderate Instead of two Crimson Balrogs, there is only one. Its texture is changed to that of a Geist Balrog (phase 3). Its fireball is now bigger and deals more damage. It can also summon a shield which reduces damage, or a lightning bolt which deals 20-30 damage.
Hyper Volcano Moderate The brick-melting parts are now twice as big. It spews multiple blocks at a time instead of consecutively.
Hyper Giant Noob Moderate The Giant Noob wears a crown. Also receives much higher health and can slam faster. He can also spin in a circle while stomping and send a shockwave while making an explosion. He gets up faster.
Hyper Zombies Moderate Instead of dealing moderate damage, zombies now kill instantly. They also move faster.
Hyper Ninjas Moderate A mix of electric and shadow ninjas spawn into the map, which deals higher damage than normal ninjas.
Hyper Sandstorm Moderate Tumbleweeds spawn more often. Debris deals damage more frequently. Sandstorm fog is much more intense.
Hyper Coil Noobs Moderate All noobs have upgraded coils instead regular coils and their health, damage, and speed are also doubled.
Hyper Acid Rain Easy Acid rain is larger in size.
Hyper Press The Button Extreme The button is randomly placed into the one of the nine spawn points instead of the center of the map. However, the kill bricks appear after 4 seconds instead of 1. If not pressed, it will automatically press itself at the last 10 seconds of the round.
Hyper Slenderman Moderate Deals higher damage and has a larger damage radius.
Hyper Raining Tacos Easy Tacos rain with various sizes instead of one consistent size.
Hyper Alien Invasion Difficult Aliens move faster and shoot more frequently. Their lasers are also able to destroy parts that come into contact.
Hyper Polyhex Moderate The explosions of the bombs is larger. In addition, 4 smaller bombs will be thrown out after the bomb exploded.
Hyper Soccer Balls Easy Soccer balls rain with various sizes instead of one consistent size. They are bouncier.
Hyper Alexnewtron Moderate Throws Yoshi Eggs instead of Dodgeballs. These can trap players if they are hit, allowing him to stack damage.
Hyper Guest Ambush Difficult Guests move faster and deal significantly higher damage. They also receive the ability to destroy parts in their way of getting to other players.
Hyper Redcliff Warriors Moderate The warriors now summon fireballs instead of lava waves. It deals more damage and slightly bigger than the lava waves.
Hyper Cake Difficult Instead of 8 slices, the cake is split into 12 slices. They also move faster.
Hyper Kamehameha Moderate The laser turns from left to right faster. The laser itself is slightly larger.
Hyper Mine Spawn Difficult Mines have a bigger blast radius but only explode if a player is near.
Hyper Black Mage Difficult Receives significant buff of health and damage. It also has a new set of attacks: Homing fireballs, an X formed by fireballs, fireballs spawning in centre, fogs that deals 20 damage and darkens players' screen and ultimately healing 1000 HP.
Hyper Murderers Difficult Murderers receive a health, movement speed, throwing speed and reload speed buff.
Hyper Death Trampoline Moderate The trampoline is placed 4 studs above the baseplate and is bouncier.
Hyper Pacman Ghosts Moderate The ghosts move faster than usual.
Hyper Pizza Dude Difficult Pizza Dude throws pizza twice as fast.
Hyper Undyne Difficult Undyne has two attacks:
  • Spawns spears around the map, which all target the closest player relative to Undyne.
  • Spawns very large spears at the sides of the map which intersect.
Hyper Rising Acid Moderate Acid rises faster leaving acidic parts which deals twice as much as normal upon player touch. Higher chance of destroying bricks.
Hyper Icicles Moderate Icicles rain down faster than normal. Damage remains the same.
Hyper Meteors Moderate Meteors fall faster and follow a slanted path instead of completely straight down.
Hyper Nyan Cat Moderate Faster movement speed and is able to cover a larger area of the map, at ~50 studs wide.
Hyper Thieves Easy Thieves receive a damage and movement speed buff.
Hyper UFO Moderate The UFO is faster than usual.
Hyper Thunderstorm Moderate The bolts strike much rapidly.
Hyper Tornado Moderate The tornado is 50% faster. It is also slightly bigger, and it targets a random point of the south area instead of only the house.



  • Giant Zombie and Yojimbo are the only bosses that don't have a hyper counterpart.
  • All Hyper Disasters of the extreme difficulty may require a speed-enhancing gear to survive.
  • In Version 1.21, when Hyper Epic Duck occurred, it showed the splash for Hyper Barrier Eggman. This was fixed in the following update.
  • In history, only two Hyper Disasters have ever been removed: the Hyper Missile Launcher and Hyper Bombers. However, they both were eventually readded; Missile Launcher in Version 1.31 and the Bombers in Version 1.34. Both of them was re-added with a new appearance.
  • Coin rewards for hyper disasters changed in Version 1.33, as they now reward players with x1.5 the coin payout of their normal variant.
    • However, this seems to be broken as it gives out more than that.
  • Hyper Redcliff Warriors hasn't been added to the index in Version 1.34. Instead, it was added in Version 1.35.
  • Surviving Hyper Reaper will give you a badge, 'A Dance with Death'.