Not to be confused with Hot Potato (Classic).

Hot Potato is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.


"Hot Potato attacks survivors! Each time the potato touches you, it'll deal 50 damage. It also melts map parts on contact because it's hot like lava!".

Hyper Memo

"Compared to standard Hot Potato, this angry potato now deals 99 damage. It melts map parts at a higher chance and melts faster. This potato also runs quicker and jumps higher."


A potato spawns in the extreme center of the map, and starts chasing the closest player with incredibly high speed, inflicting 50 damage.

Hyper Hot Potato

The potato now inflicts 99 damage, which is almost an instant-kill. People with Rotten Cheezburger are recommended to stay a bit far before using the burger because if the potato attacks after the burger, you will die.


  • The Hot Potato is one of the newest disasters in the game, excluding the fact that it was in the previous game.
  • It can burn through most blocks, except for permanent blocks, so hiding behind such structure (such as the temple in Atlantis) will help.
  • You can bait standard/Hyper Hot Potato by running and jumping around in small circles.
  • Hot Potato wears a santa hat as of Version 1.415.
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