Home Sweet Home is a map in Survive The Disasters 2.


This map takes place in a giant table of a house, there is some objects and food over the table, like books, breads, milk, and alarm clock, a dragon plush, 3 pencils and among other objects. It is also notable that there is the main house and other structures accessible to the players.

Key Features

(*) Asterisk indicate the new features added in Version 1.29
  • Some books.
  • The classic ROBLOX House.
  • A dish with a toast, sunny side egg* and bacon*.
  • A bowl with milk and cereal with it.
  • A paper question.
  • A dragon plush with 2 books on vertical. (Orange on day, blue on night). [No Longer Found]
  • Two toppled books, one with the closed gap located in the right side and other with a wide gap including toy robot on the top of the book on the left down side*.
  • Some toy blocks.
  • A flashlight (turned on at night and turned off at day)*.
  • Two cutlery: A spoon and a fork.
  • 3 pencils of color blue.
  • A bottle of tomato ketchup*.
  • A jar of peanut butter*.


  • In the night version of the map, you can see a silhouette in the left corner window in the south every time lightning is summoned.
  • This map got a expansion on Version 1.29, this also include Moonbase and Spooksville.
  • The toy blocks on the right side of the map form the word "YR HAP", while the blocks from the left form "PM". That concludes that it's a reference to the Mr. Happy disaster.
    • There is a paper on the table referencing to Mr. Happy (Night theme) as well.
    • There's a chance that, after some time, Mr. Happy's "Happy" can be heard faintly within the song. (Night theme)
  • There is a black book on the center-left of the map, it's title is "Bloxington High School".
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