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Hardcore Mode is a game mode for Survive The Disasters 2, released on April 10th, 2019. It is similar to the normal game, but is much more difficult to survive in and is only available to S Rank survivors.

Changes and Gameplay

  • All of the normal disasters are replaced with their Hyper version.
  • All of the hyper versions are replaced with their Impossible version.
  • Hyper themed Bosses called Super Bosses, they last for 150 seconds.
  • Warnings will become more frequent (~33.3% chance).
  • Hardcore versions of the streak badges are active.
  • No Bonus Rounds.
  • Hyper Memos can be obtained on this mode, although they are twice as rare.
  • Survival Streak bonuses give out double the coins and EXP.
  • Unique skill rank system and leaderboard for this mode, that is separate from the standard mode skill rank and leaderboard.


There are four badges for Hardcore Mode, all of them being survival streak badges, however 3 other badges would be more likely to be earned in Hardcore Mode as killing a Superboss would require a load of time to defeat which is only given in Hardcore Mode. These three badges are Deaths Bed, Witch Hunter, and Dishonored.

Badge Name Difficulty Description
Fighter Moderate Reach a survival streak of 7.
Challenger Difficult Reach a survival streak of 21.
Daredevil Very Difficult Reach a survival streak of 50.
Hardcore Insanely Difficult Reach a survival streak of 100.


While you can't join a Hardcore Mode server directly, you can view the active servers here.


  • Vyriss's first preview showcased the Game Master Coil and the Game Master Stars before their initial release, without any details. It also showed a new version of Green Hill Zone.
  • Crimson themed of maps were supposed to be in hardcore mode, as told by Vyriss, but they do not exist in-game currently.
  • As of Version 1.40, players are able to access Hardcore Mode directly from the Menu, anytime while playing.
    • Previously, players had to rejoin the game to access Hardcore Mode.
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