Not to be confused with Green Hill Zone (STD2)

Green Hill Zone is a map in Survive The Disasters.


This map takes place in the first Zone of the first-ever Sonic the Hedgehog videogame title. There is also various rings and powerups, which are present on the original game.

Key Features

  • The main house, with a blue roof.
  • Various notable rings, with each ring giving points when collected.
  • A huge ring next to the player spawn.
  • A wide variety of powerups.
  • Some springs and spikes.
    • Springs will make the player jump higher, however, the spikes doesn't hurt the player.
  • Multiple hills, with elevations and depressions.
  • An playground tower next to the house,
  • A slider and a seesaw next to the tower.


  • The power-ups present on this map don't work.
  • This map was also removed from the game after the Heroes event.
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