Gravity Coil is a gear in Survive The Disasters 1 and Survive The Disasters 2. It is primarily used to reach high places.

In-Game Description

"Use Gravity Coil to boost your jump to keep you away from hazards!"


The Gravity Coil is used to reach high places. When the player equips the Gravity Coil, the player's jump height increases, making it useful for escaping surface disasters or dodging a projectile.

Gravity Strength

The base height of the Gravity Coil can be increased by upgrading Anti-Gravity orbs on the Gravity Coil itself. The base height of the Gravity Coil is determined by a jump when the Anti-Gravity Strength meter is full.

Anti-Gravity orb type applied Base height covered in studs
None 74 studs
76 studs
77 studs
79 studs
81 studs
83 studs


  • In Version 1.25, Gravity Coil was one of the gears that got a Christmas-themed version (in the case of Gravity Coil, it was covered in snow and ice).
  • In Version 1.33, Gravity Coil received the mechanic "Anti-Gravity strength". Whenever you jump, it reduces the strength of anti-gravity. The strength is restored when it isn't used or the player stays on the ground for a while.
Anti-Gravity Strength Meter

The now-removed Anti-Gravity Strength meter, as seen in Hardcore Mode.

    • However, Anti-Gravity strength is now removed as of Version 1.40.
  • As of Version 1.40, every player now spawns in with a Gravity Coil, free of charge.
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