Grassy Fields is a Map in Survive the Disasters 3 and Survive The Disasters 4.


This map takes place on a grassland with some montains, trees and wooden bridges, clearly based on Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64. The difference is that the map is very simple and summed up compared with the original.

Key Features

  • A cannon right of the shop.
  • Two wooden bridges.
  • A plateau with wooden poles and trees.
  • An inaccessible sky island.


  • This Map is based off of a level from Super Mario 64, called Bomb-omb Battlefield.
  • It is relatively barren, except for a few details here and there.
  • Since there is an inaccessible island in the map, if Avalanche shows up, it is possible to get to the island.
    • However, once players step foot on the island, they'll be teleported back to ground.
  • The person who created this is Noirness.
  • The Map is actually called Bomb-omb Battlefield in Survive The Disasters 4.
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