Not to be confused with GET DOWN!.


Get Down is a disaster in Survive The Disasters 2.

Memo (Standard)

"A large deadly block quickly zooms across the map! Run to the lowest parts of the map, quick!"

Memo (Hyper)

"The exact same as the normal, except it's narrower. Get to the lowest parts of the map, quick!"

Survival Guide

As the disaster name literally implies, get as low as possible to avoid what essentially is an oversized neon red wall of doom. In maps where it is possible to fall off, stay away from the outer edges. It is much more advisable to stay in the center of the map, considering it is essentially a valley and will almost always be the safest point to survive the disaster.

In the Hyper-Variant, the block is slightly lowered, which renders some maps more difficult to survive in.

The Impossible-Variant is virtually identical, but does start rather instantaneously and will last for the entire duration of the round.


  • This is one of the difficult disasters in Mystery Disaster, with the others being the Death Trampoline, Illumina, and Press The Button. However, it is possible (albeit difficult) to spot the block in the distance before the mystery fog completely forms.
  • Another way you can guess that Get Down is coming in a Mystery Disaster is because it has a unique amount of time in the countdown (10 seconds).
  • This disaster has the shortest duration in the entire game. Similar with normal X-Bomb (different duration on hyper).
  • This disaster is not possible to be combined with any "floor-based" disasters such as the Death Trampoline, a common discussion that occurs in the game.
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