This piece of content has been removed from the game.

Game Master Stars are a weapon in Survive The Disasters 1. They were also in Survive The Disasters 2, but they were removed in Version 1.24 and replaced with Shadow Ninja Stars and Golden Ninja Stars.

In-Game Description

"A special throwing star a Game Master uses. Cannot be upgraded."


The Game Master Stars fires slower than other ninja stars, but this is balanced with its high 35-40 damage range. The Game Master Stars cannot be upgraded by Orbs.


  • The Game Master Stars were first revealed in the hardcore showcase video on Vyriss channel.
    • This also appeared on the 'crimson reaper 2.0 in hardcore' video, but with a much faster fire rate and higher damage.
  • This was removed in Version 1.24, being replaced with the Shadow Ninja Stars and Golden Ninja Stars.
  • The Game Master Stars were initially planned to be added for the Impossible variant of Shurikens. However, they were replaced with Golden Ninja Stars.
  • As of v1.38, Vyriss is the only player known to possess the Game Master Stars. They do ~126 damage each and have a fire rate similar to the Shadow Ninja Stars.
    • It is speculated that the base damage of the Game Master Stars Vyriss possesses is 100, with an additional 26 added via orb upgrades.
    • Vyriss can be seen using them in this video.
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